Friday, May 9, 2008

Going Green is the New Black

There's a new trend in fashion, and it's all about going green. By using non-toxic dyes and fabrics produced without the use of pesticides, designers are creating more fashions with the environment in mind. Typically, when you think of organic fashion, you may think of comfy, organic cotton t-shirts. But, trendy jeans designer "7 for all mankind" now makes "organic denim" that sells for $161.

Even shoe designers are becoming socially responsible by using faux leathers, organic cotton, and paper pulp foot forms. Melissa Shoes recycles 99.9% of factory water and waste and overstock styles are recycled into new styles. Greenloop provides eco-friendly and more importantly, eco-chic fashion. Visit their website here.

While a bit more expensive, you can shop "green" and be stylish at the same time.

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  1. I always say "going green is the new black" because it's something that is very popular right now and everyone is doing it. Preserving the earth now really will make a difference in the future, so it’s awesome that designers are contributing.

    I just recently went green, so to know that there are jeans that I can buy and continue to help the planet really does light up my day.
    When I made this decision I thought I was going to have to turn into the hug the tree type, but I don't. I have only had to make a few slight adjustments in my daily routine.

    The biggest change I have made so far was switching to bioheat. Can you say FABULOUS? It's the hottest trend in the green community right now. And you wouldn't believe me if I told you that it's made of fun stuff like corn and soybean oil would you? I didn't at first either so it's okay. But I'm glad I know about it because during the winter instead of bundling up like Frosty the Snowman I'm warm and cozy.

    If I wasn't working for NORA I probably would have never even considered going green. I've been getting new tips everyday.

    Check out:

    That's where I got a majority of my info. See what kind of cool info it has that you can use too!


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