Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All About Amphibians!

Today was all about amphibians!

Week 2, Day 3

Kaylee: Today we learned about amphibian life cycles. And I’m going to tell you of my favorite one. And it was the frog because it’s so simple, but the eggs are gooey for protection.

Claire: My favorite part of the amphibian cycle is that amphibians can live in water and on land because I wish I could that. It was amazing!

Kathalene: Newts are amphibians.

Garrett: I like that we get to see the salamander. I learned that they are amphibians.

Powell: My favorite thing we learned today was that amphibians live in water and out of water. Also amphibians breathe through their skin.

Alex: I did get to see Luna, the albino alligator. I did not meet her for the first time. I also saw the diver and learned about them and the fish.

Victoria: I learned that most salamanders have four toes but one is called a two toed amphiuma salamander. It is grayish black and very cool.

Abby: Today I learned that you can see the arms and legs of a tadpole on the inside. That was my favorite part I learned today.

Mills: The best thing I learned about amphibians was that they breathe through their skin and lungs.

Tanner: Today we went for a walk to get samples of water. We learned about amphibian life cycles. My favorite thing that I learned was about a froglet. I like this part best because I think this stage looks neat.

Max: Today we went to the dive show and we learned a lot about different fish in the tank, then we did a craft. Today was very fun!

Matthew: I learned that frogs can breathe through their skin too! I wish I could be a frog. It would be cool.

Chase: I learned frogs can breathe through their skin. I saw Southern toads. I named them Steve and Joe.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wilson and Sharks!

Summer campers had a busy day on the beach and behind the scenes. And they met a fellow named Wilson...

Week 2, Day 2

Tanner: Today we did many fun things. A few things we did is saw Wilson, went behind the scenes and went to the beach. My favorite thing we did today is go to the beach.

Chase: Today I went behind the scenes. That was fun. The sharks are cool. Wilson the duck is awesome.

Mills: My favorite thing I did today was going to see the sharks in quarantine. Because I like sharks. I learned that there is a wood duck named Wilson.

Garrett: My favorite is going behind the scenes. I learned that there are 133 fish in the shark tank. It was cool.

Powell: My favorite thing we did today was we got to go behind the scenes. It was my favorite because there was tons of fish we got to see. We also got to find out how the aquarium takes care of its animals.

Alex: I enjoyed going behind the scenes. I learned a lot and got a lot of questions answered.

Kathalene: Behind the scenes because I saw a baby sea horse.

Matthew: Behind the scenes – It was really cool being above the shark tank. I learned that some animals need special care to live.

Abby: My favorite part of the day was when we were behind the scenes and we got to see a giant porcupine fish. I just think they’re soooo cool.

Max: Today was so much fun because we went behind the scenes. I learned that a duck can live 10 years. It rocked!

Claire: My favorite part was seeing Wilson. I learned that when he is molting he loses his feathers. It was awesome.

Kaylee: Today, we went “behind the scenes”. We learned about jellyfish, seahorses and more. But my favorite was the puffer fish. We learned that for a puffer fish puffing up is painful. Like you had a heart attack.

Victoria: I liked behind the scenes because we saw fish, sharks and seahorses. We also saw baby quails. I learned that it is very hard to grow coral. I also liked it when Wilson visited.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ocean Explorers - Round 2

The second week of summer camp is underway and the Ocean Explorers had a fascinating day!

Week Two, Day 1

Matthew: My name is Matthew. Today I learned about jellyfish. It was really cool and my favorite part of the day.

Tanner: My favorite activity was going crabbing. It was fun even we only caught shrimp and shrimp. We even saw a snake! It was very fun and exciting to crab. I have always enjoyed crabbing and it was just as fun this time.

Garrett: May favorite is the moon jelly. I learned you can’t feel some of them when they sting.

Kathalene: My name is Kathalene. I learned that a teenage is called a froglet.

Victoria: I learned that moon jellies can sting but you can’t feel it.

Abby: My favorite thing I learned today was that the leatherback sea turtles have long, sharp looking taste buds. I think it’s cool since us humans have small, flat like taste buds.

Chase: I learned that octopus have beaks. They can fit through anything their beaks can. That’s like I could fit through my nose.

Kaylee: Today I learned about a lot of things but my favorite had to be the sea anemone. When you touch one since they are cousins to jellyfish they try to sting you, you just can’t feel it.

Claire: Dear Journal, The favorite thing I learned today was that a horseshoe crab’s gills are under its body along with its mouth and legs. I thought that was so cool because the gills felt so weird. It was cool!

Mills: The favorite thing I learned today is that moon jellyfish can’t sting you. Because I no longer have to be nervous around them.

Max: My favorite thing that I learned about today is about jellyfish and I got to touch a moon jelly.

Powell: My favorite thing that I saw today was jellyfish. They live in smacks. They are clear.

Alex: My favorite thing is about the jellyfish. I learned that a group of jellyfish is called a smack.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Last Day :(

Week One, Day 5: June 25

Lauren: I loved going to the beach. My favorite thing I learned was how to go under waves. Jenny, Stephanie and Jeff are awesome!

Trey: Today we went to the salt marsh and camp was so much fun! I’m coming back next year.

John: My favorite thing about camp was canoeing because I like canoeing and kayaking and stuff like that.

Ben: I liked aquarium camp and I would recommend someone else coming!

Alex: Camp was great! The week flew by. I know that I will have a good time next time I come – from Rocky Outcrop to crabbing. The beach was one of my favorites. We made cool bracelets! If we did not have one of our leaders (Jeff, Stephanie and Jenny) it would not be as much fun. I loved every snack they gave us. Behind the scenes was awesome. We also touched moon jellies. It was cool. Camp at Fort Fisher Aquarium was great!

Carmen: I had a great day at camp even though it was the last day. We went to the salt marsh even though we did not catch crabs, but we caught a lot of fish. Some were big and some were small. After that we came back and changed. I was really thirsty. After that we went to the awesome dive show, then went to freshwater behind the scenes. I love camp! You should go because you have so much fun even when you’re learning. You have so many adventures. You will love it!

Beach Day for Ocean Explorers!

Week One, Day 4: Thursday, June 24

Trey: Today I learned about turtle tracks and the shark tank is 22 feet deep and the life cycle of a jellyfish.

Ben: I liked the beach because it was fun. I learned how to do the stingray shuffle.

John: I learned what the inside of a leatherback’s mouth looks like and learned about sea turtle tracks.

Alex: Today I learned how to make sea turtle tracks. I also learned that turtles have very small brains. The shark tank is 22 feet deep and I fooled a lifeguard. We made our own sea turtle tracks and mine were so good that when a lifeguard came by, he thought a real turtle had come on the beach!

Ashley: Today is Thursday…at camp when we entered the door, the first thing we did was run back out to the beach. My favorite part was going behind the scenes to see the sharks. I liked going to see the sharks because I liked to see all the differences between the sharks. I learned that when a puffer tries to get the enemy away it nearly has a heart attack.

Carmen: Today we went to the beach again and we learned all about sea turtles and how they lay their babies. My favorite part was going behind the scenes and learning that the puffer fish can puff its body to be as long as a beach ball, a large beach ball.

Lauren: I learned that the shark tank is 22 feet deep. I learned the different kinds of turtle tracks. I learned that flounder can change colors of the colors of the water color. I learned about the loggerhead turtle.