Thursday, August 26, 2010

Saving Mother Nature One Drop at a Time

Water is a precious resource that people as well as the Earth need to survive. Finding small ways to help conserve water in your household will not only decrease your energy usage, which saves you money, it will also help quench our planet’s thirst. Below is a list of inventive ways to show Mother Nature that you are saving water; she will be so proud!

1. When watering your lawn adjust your sprinklers so that your grass is the only thing being watered, instead of your house, car, sidewalk, and mailbox.

2. To minimize evaporation, water your garden and plants in the morning or late afternoon when the temperate is cooler and there is less sun.

3. Make sure to only run your dishwasher and clothes washer when completely full. Running your dishwasher with only three plates and one cup can use up to 1,000 more gallons of water a month.

4. Instead of planting your garden in the spring when the weather is becoming hot, try planting a garden in the fall when there is more rain and less heat.

5. If you are a big water drinker, keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator instead of running the water for every cup of water you drink.

6. Opt to sweep the leaves and dirt off your driveway instead of hosing the area down to remove the excess debris.

7. When you are cleaning out your fish tanks, provide your plants with a healthy treat and feed them with the old nutrient rich water.

8. Each day allow yourself one drinking glass that can be placed on a towel and reused throughout the day in order to reduce the amount of glasses needing to be washed.

9. If your dishwasher is a newer model, try reducing the amount of rinse time since newer models rinse more efficiently.

10. Wash your clothes in cold water. It will save energy, water, and help keep the color in your clothes.

11. More plants die every day due to over-watering as opposed to under-watering; only water plants when necessary.

12. When filling your glass with ice, a cube may fall on the floor on occasion, instead of throwing the fallen cube in the sink or letting it find its resting place on the ground, use it to water a house plant.

Bonus Tips!

If your workplace does not already have a team in place to discuss ways to make the work environment more eco-friendly, try starting a group or making suggestions on ways your employer can save on water and energy. Above all, share your water conservation tips and ideas with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, strangers, or maybe just anyone you think needs a water tip of the day!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Visitors Beam over Baby Box Turtles

Baby animals of any kind are sure to put a smile on your face and box turtles are no exception. The NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher has created a new exhibit starring five tiny turtles.

Baby turtles were a popular request from visitors, so Aquarium staff created a permanent exhibit within the existing box turtle exhibit to house the turtles, ranging in age from one to two years old. The baby box turtles are offspring from the adults on exhibit. The eggs were removed from the nest and placed in an incubator to hatch. Otherwise, if the babies hatched on exhibit, they hide so well, it is hard to find them to make sure they eat enough. The juveniles are fed a mix of fruit, vegetables, and turtle gel. They are also fed earth and meal worms for added nutrition.

Box turtles frequently call North Carolina home, and rarely move far after they have found a habitat. Female box turtles lay three to five eggs in a shallow nest dug in moist soil. In early fall or late summer the babies hatch. The Aquarium propagates and raises its own box turtles each year.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Eagle Spices Up the Garden

The NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher has added carnivorous plants to its lush gardens thanks to Jacob West, a junior volunteer at the Aquarium. The 40 square foot stone garden was built within the Aquarium’s garden, and houses several types of carnivorous plants.

Jacob West, a senior at Isaac Bear Early College High School in Wilmington, has always loved the Aquarium. This 17-year-old enjoys outdoor hobbies such as scuba diving, which led him to volunteer at the Aquarium for the last two years. During the completion of his Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America, West had to plan and implement a service project that benefits the local community. He knew immediately he wanted to pursue his Eagle project at the Aquarium. After clearing a 100 square foot area in the garden, Jacob constructed the stone garden where the carnivorous plants would be placed.

West is happy with the final outcome. “This new addition is something that visitors to the Aquarium will enjoy. I hope that since carnivorous plants are so special to this area that visitors will take the opportunity to learn about how unique and remarkable these plants are by visiting the garden,” he said. West recently completed all the requirements he needed to receive his Eagle Scout.

The garden now houses several diverse types of carnivorous plants, including yellow and purple pitcher plants, sundews, butterworts, and Venus flytraps, which are endemic to coastal North and South Carolina, mostly in the Wilmington area. Although widespread, carnivorous plants are rare. Carnivorous plants gain some or most of their nutrients from trapping and consuming insects and appear adapted to grow in places where the soil is wet, acidic and poor in nutrients.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Notice of Public Meeting

The N.C. Division of Coastal Management (DCM) has received a request for grant funds from the Aquariums Division of the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR). The request is for monies from DCM’s Public Beach and Coastal Waterfront Access Grant Program to assist with the acquisition of an approximately 18,750 square foot parcel of land at 234 Carolina Beach Avenue North (Parcel No. 3130-65-0927) along the oceanfront in Carolina Beach. The intended future use of the parcel is for construction of an Ocean Educational Fishing Pier.

The Coastal Resources Commission (CRC) will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 20 from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. at the Carolina Beach Town Hall, Council Chambers, to receive written comments for consideration by NCDENR. A representative of the Aquariums Division will make a brief presentation at the beginning of the meeting and answer questions.

This meeting is a “Public Meeting” and not a public hearing per 15A NCAC 07M .0306(g). Although a member of the CRC will be present to receive written comments, please note that the CRC will not act on or decide on the merits of the request. The CRC does not have the authority to approve or deny the N.C. Aquariums’ request; that authority rests with NCDENR per G.S. 113A-134(b).

A copy of the grant application is available for review at the Carolina Beach Town Hall, the N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher, the DCM’s website at and the Aquariums’ website at

Written comments on the CAMA grant application may be submitted via email to or US mail to Mike Christenbury, N.C. Division of Coastal Management, 127 Cardinal Drive Extension, Wilmington, N.C. 28405. Written comments must be received by Friday, Oct. 22 at 5:00 p.m. If you have questions please call Mike Christenbury at (910) 796-7426.

In a related matter, the Town of Carolina Beach and the N.C. Aquariums intend to enter into an official memorandum of agreement (MOA) about funding, development and construction of the Aquarium’s Ocean Educational Fishing Pier. Paper copies will be available for review at the Carolina Beach Town Hall and N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher. An electronic copy of the MOA may be requested from and written comments will be accepted by and until Friday, Sept. 17 at 5:00 p.m.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Final Summer Camp Day has Arrived!

As the Aquarium bids farewell to summer camp for the year, the ocean explorers reflect on their week of fun, fish, and adventures! Here is what they had to say:

Corbin, "My favorite part of this week was feeding the jellyfish! The jellyfish are clear but when it ate the food you could see the food in it."

Katherine, "The best part of this week was getting to feed the stingrays and seahorses. I learned how to tell the difference between male and female seahorses."

Marybeth, "My favorite thing in the week was going to the beach."

Matthew, "I learned about being a bunch of different types of biologists and fed organisms."

Mary Elizabeth, "The best thing I learned this week was that the Aquarium breeds their own seahorses."

Cameron, "I loved feeding the animals this week! I learned some new things this week."

Daniel, "My favorite thing was seeing the alligator behind the scenes. My second favorite was feeding the shark!"

Spencer, "This week I loved that we got to be animal keepers and my favorite part about that is that we got to watch them feed the sharks."

Charles, "This week my favorite part about being an aquarist was getting to clean the quail and pet Wilson."

Hanz, "This week I learned that being an animal keeper is hard work, but it is also fun!"

Jacob, "My favorite part this week was feeding the stingrays. My group went in front of lots of people and hand fed the cownose rays. This week was a lot of fun!"

Hanna, "Today I learned how to imitate an alligator and quail sound."

Alex, "My favorite part was feeding the stingrays."

Alana, "We learned how much fish are in the big tank."

Summer Campers Feed the Animals!

On the fourth day of Aquarium summer camp the ocean explorers helped feed Aquarium animals. This is what they had to say about their experience:

Corbin, "Today I learned that jellyfish will sometimes lose their stingers. I learned that the Aquarium breeds their own jellyfish."

Marybeth, "Today we went to the beach, then we came back and had lunch. Then we wrote cards and fed the horseshoe crabs."

Alex, "I fed Shad to the catfish, sharks, and Mackeral. I learned that black shark's teeth are fossilized."

Daniel, "Today we fed sharks and catfish! It was awesome! I learned that sharks lose teeth when they eat. It was fun."

Matthew, "Today I learned that you have to be careful when feeding sharks because we got to feed them."

Mary Elizabeth, "Today we fed squid to the stingrays and horseshoe crabs in the touch tank. I learned how to tell a female and a male horseshoe crab apart. Males have little boxing glove pinchers and the girls don't."

Hanz, "I got to feed the stingrays and horseshoe crabs. I learned that horseshoe crabs don't use their pinchers for defense."

Alana, "Today I learned how to feed a stingray."

Katherine, "Today we got to feed the touch tank with the horseshoe crabs and stingrays. The stingrays used their mouths like suction cups to eat, and I learned how to tell a male and female crab apart."

Sophia, "Today I learned how to hold a horseshoe crab."

Charles, "Today I learned that box jellyfish can choose whether or not to sting."

Spencer, "Today we learned that box jellyfish can sting through thin wetsuits and we also got to see the new bonnet head sharks."

Cameron, "Today we went to the beach. We learned that jellyfish can control how they sting their prey. We saw new bonnet head sharks."

Ocean Explorers Become Animal Experts!

On the third day of Aquarium summer camp the Ocean Explorers visited the salt marsh and learned how to feed several different animals. This is what they had to say:

Katherine, "Today we fed the seahorses and the salt marsh exhibit. I learned how to tell the difference between male and female seahorses. We fed the salt marsh exhibit squid, fish flakes, and little pellets. The seahorses got brine shrimp."

Charles, "I observed that rat snakes eat more mice than venomous snakes. I also learned that snakes like to consume their food head first."

Hannah, "I learned that jellyfish eat different stuff."

Matthew, "Today I learned that alligators are good climbers and Squiggles needs a new cage."

Cameron, "I learned that king snakes eat venomous snakes. Snakes like to eat their prey head first."

Spencer, "We learned that they have to work as a team to feed the venomous snakes."

Alex, "I learned that tree frogs can eat their food in less than three seconds."

Jacob, "Today I learned what different kinds of turtles eat. We also learned how fast frogs eat."

Hanz, "Today I learned to tell a boy seahorse from a girl seahorse!"

Daniel, "Today I saw an escaped alligator! It was in a water filter. We also saw frogs, lizards and turtles! It was fun!"

Alana, "Today I got to feed the jellyfish. It was fun."

Corbin, "Today I learned that king snakes eat venomous snakes, and the venom doesn't do anything. I learned that rat snakes eat alot."

Mary Elizabeth, "Today we learned that they breed their own seahorses and how to tell them apart. Then we fed the salt marsh exhibit fish pellets and fish flakes and chopped squid."

Marybeth, "Today we went to the beach. We swam and had fun. Then we came back and had lunch. Then we fed the jellyfish."

Sophia, "I fed the sea nettle jellyfish."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 2 as Animal Keepers

Tuesday brought with it more times helping take care of the animals and more fun learning!

Sophia: We fed the seahorses.

Alana: Today I learned how seahorses eat.

Corbin: We went canoeing to an island. Today I fed fish and learned that when you feed them you can't just put it all in the same place. We made salt water using these big tubs of salt.

Alex: I learned that jellyfish eat by sucking up their food through tentacles.

Daniel: Today I cut up a fish and a bunch of other stuff. I learned that baby jellies can't hurt you and it was fun!

Jacob: Today my group fed jellyfish. First we cut up the fish. Then we put them in a blender and got out all of the water. We took it to the jellyfish and watched them eat.

Charley: Today I learned how to make a batch of saltwater and feed krill to fish.

Spencer: Today I learned as an animal keeper that the sand tiger and sand bar sharks have to be kept in two different tanks.

Cameron: I had a great time canoeing today. I was making salt water and I loved feeding the fish today.

Hannah: Today I learned that brown star fish (sea star) are smaller than other starfish.

Mary Elizabeth: Today we helped the animal keepers feed the snakes mice and fish blood worms. I learned that they get the mice frozen.

Mary Beth: Today we went canoeing. Then we went swimming. Then we came back and had lunch. Then we helped the aquarium keeper. At last, we learned about amphibians and reptiles.

Hanz: Today I learned you can tell a boy blue crab from a girl blue crab!

Katherine: Today we went canoeing and stopped at Zeke's Island and swam. Later we went to the holding tanks and fed the snakes mice.

Matthew: As an animal keeper, I learned how to make a fish smoothie and how to feed jellyfish.

Final week of camp!

This weeks marks the last of Aquarium summer camp for the 2010 season. We welcome new Ocean Explorers and enjoy reading about their first day here:

Sophia: We fed the grouper squid.

Alex: Today my favorite thing was feeding the stingrays. I learned that they suck up their food.

Hanz: Today at camp, I had lots of fun. We got to feed the fish squid and well, fish. I also caught fish at the marsh!

Matthew: Today we did a lot of cool stuff. We went to the salt marsh and tried to go crabbing. We also got to go feed the ray tank. I learned how to feed a stingray.

Alana: I fed fish. I went behind the scenes.

Charles: We helped clean bird cages and went to see Wilson the duck behind the scenes.

Spencer: Today I went behind the scenes and quail holding needed to be cleaned. We also went and met Wilson the duck.

Jacob: Today my group was allowed to feed the stingrays. We fed them dead fish and squid. The cownose stingrays sucked them out of your hand, they felt like mini vacuum cleaners. Then we scattered the extra food. It was a lot of fun.

Katherine: Today at camp we got to feed many different kinds of fish. We fed them squid, chopped fish, and gel pellets. We learned that some fish are more aggressive than others when eating.

Mary Elizabeth: Today at camp we went to the salt marsh and crabbed. Then at 1:00 pm we went with the aquarists to help them feed the fish. It was so cool!

Cameron: Today we went behind the scenes and cleaned out the quail cage. We learned that sea turtles have instincts.

Daniel: I got to feed stingrays, and they eat a squid and fish mix. When they eat out of your hand it feels kind of suction-y. I also had lots of fun.

Mary Beth: Today was a very good day. We played games and had fun. We went to the salt marsh. I got a shrimp, but it got away. Next we had lunch. Then we saw a movie. Then we fed the fish. And we made sand pictures.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Once in a Lifetime Experience!

On the final day of Animal Keeper summer camp the campers reflected on their week’s events. Although the week has come to a close, the campers are taking away thoughts of new valuable knowledge about how to take care of animals and their homes. Here is what they had to say about their time at Aquarium summer camp:

Emily, “This week I learned about Wilson. He is a duck, a cool duck. And that he lives behind the scenes in the conservatory!”

Jonathan, “Today we went to the rocky outcrop and caught fish and invertebrates.”

Courtney, “My favorite part of the week was Wilson the wood duck. He is really cute.”

Christopher, “My favorite part of today was that we found fish, crabs, and horseshoe crabs.”

Kylee, “My favorite thing I learned this week was how to care for all of the birds in the aquarium.”

Kelsey, “My favorite part was when we went to the beach. Erin and I played a game. It was fun!”

Caitlin, “My favorite thing we did this week was feed the hidden hunter fish in the freshwater area.”

Kailey, “My favorite part of the week was when we got to feed the sea nettles and feed mice to the snakes. I learned that snakes swallow their prey whole.”

Laura, “My favorite part was when I got to feed the rays.”

Wade, “I liked the salt marsh because I saw a snowy egret.”

Erin, “My favorite part of the week was feeding sharks on Monday. It was a once in a lifetime experience.”

William, “My favorite activity of the week was feeding moon jellies to the loggerhead sea turtles.”

Maren, “Today is my last day at camp. So… My favorite part of camp was feeding the sharks on Monday. It was really cool!”

Michael, “The best thing I learned this week is that all animals have different ways of living in the wild.”

Maddie, “My favorite thing this week was holding a moon jellyfish. It felt a lot like real jelly.”

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Day of Sand, Sun, and Feeding Animals

On the fourth day of Animal Keepers Aquarium summer camp the ocean explorers made their way down to the beach to have some fun in the waves. Afterwards, they were back behind the scenes to work like Aquarist. Here is what they had to say about their experience:

Jonathan, "Today we went to the beach again! That was really fun! We also fed some animals, like sea snails, hermit crabs, sea stars, sea urchins, and baby horseshoe crabs! P.s. I caught a bunch of fish at the beach including a really big fish which I called Super Fish!!"

Erin, "What I learned from aquariology was how to feed dead mice to a snake and 'baby sitting' a diamondback terrapin."

William, "Today I got to feed some fish and crabs. They were very cool."

Catlin, "We got to feed jellyfish and loggerhead sea turtles today. I learned that jellyfish suck in their tentacles when eating and digesting."

Kylee, "Today I got to feed all different types of sea creatures. I learned that horseshoe crabs have ten eyes and that sea stars eat squid! It was cool to watch!"

Courtney, "What I learned today is that snapping turtles have really long tails, arms, legs, and heads and they bite really hard."

Maddie, "Today I got to feed moon jellyfish a krill mixture. We also fed three moon jellyfish to loggerhead turtles."

Kelsey, "We fed three mice to a snake. He didn't eat it until we left. After that we cleaned a diamondback terrapin turtle's cage and I got to hold her. She seemed much happier after that."

Wade, "I like to feed the loggerhead sea turtles."

Laura, "Today we got to see a lot of animals."

Maren, "Ok, so today me and my group fed a snake three little mice (they were already dead). Then we cleaned out a turtle's tank, then we fed worms to the baby turtles. The baby turtles were so cute and tiny!"

Emily, "Today I fed mice to a eastern king snake. After that I cleaned a diamondback terrapin turtle's tank. Finally I learned that a diamondback tank needs to be cleaned once a week!"

Chris, "Today we cleaned filters that clean the turtle's tank."

Kailey, "Today behind the scenes we fed different fish some shrimp. We fed squid to the crabs and shrimp to sea stars. We saw a horseshoe crab and got to put the squid in the legs of it. We also saw sea urchins and fed it a gel made out of vegetables and vitamins."

Michael, "Today I cleaned filters and looked at different animals and even saw albino turtles."

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day Three: The Adventures Continue

On the third day of Animal Keeper summer camp the ocean explorers lived the life of an Aquarist by helping feed the animals and clean out their living spaces. Here is what they had to say about their experience:

Wade, "I learned that rays are sometimes aggressive."

Michael, "Today I watched the snakes eat the mice and rats. It was cool. I learned that snakes eat animals whole."

Jonathan, "Today I learned how to feed jellyfish to the turtles!! We also went to the beach!"

Maren, "Today me and my group fed some of the fish already on display! It was still awesome!"

Emily, "Today I got to cut up dead fish into little pieces. We fed the fish in the conservatory and shark tooth ledge!"

Kylee, "Today I got to feed sea nettle jellyfish. I also got to feed the three loggerhead sea turtles some moon jellies. It was so cool to watch! I learned that a single polyp can have 15 jellyfish! And that the aquarium keeps their sea turtles a year."

Erin, "Today I got to cut up food for fish. I learned that all fish need to eat their food cut in different ways."

Kailey, "Today behind the scenes we fed jellyfish. I got to hold a moon jelly! It felt like a blob of jelly! We also fed live moon jellies to the sea turtles! I learned that one polyp can hold up to 10-15 jellyfish at a time."

Maddie, "Today I got to chop up food for yellow stingrays. The food felt slimey. I learned that two squids and two fish are enough food for two days."

Caitlin, "We prepared food for the stingrays and fed them today. I learned that sting ray's stingers can grow back after you cut them."

Kelsey, "First we helped chop up some of the food. It was really gooey! Then we fed the catfish, the albino turtle, and one of the big tanks. After that we fed 'Shark Tooth Ledge' again. It was alot of fun!"

William, "Today I got to go and feed jellyfish that turn in a ball when we feed them sea nettles, and I got to pick up a moon jelly. I also got to feed diamondback terrapins moon jellies and they swallowed them whole."

Courtney, "Today we went to see the snakes we fed. I learned that snakes have scales that grip the ground so they can move."

Laura, "Today we watched them feed the snakes and that was cool."

Christopher, "I have learned that snakes digest their food very very slowly and it's really cool!"

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Ocean Explorers Explore the Salt Marsh

On day two of Animal Keeper Aquarium summer camp, the Ocean Explorers took a trip to the salt marsh to partake in some crabbing and fun! This is what they had to say about there salt filled day:

Jonathan, "My favorite part of today was going to a salt marsh and feeding a dead mouse to a snake!"

Erin, "Today I learned that horse shoe crab's mouths are in the center of their legs when we fed them. We also learned that low tide is a bad time to go to the salt marsh."

Kailey, "Today behind the scenes our group fed dead mice to a cornsnake. Snakes swallow their food whole. You could see the lump of the mouse go down the body. We also cleaned bags of fish waste and saw baby alligators, albino turtles, snakes, and fish."

Maren, "Today me and my group fed some of the fish they are going to put on display. One of them was a lobster, and we also got to help feed the horseshoe crabs. Then we cleaned out the quails cage. We got to pet a quail too! What we learned today was that horseshoe crabs had to be hand fed."

Emily, "Today I got to do a lot of things! I got to feed fish, lobster, and part of the touch tank! I learned that there is something behind the pond and inside there are ducks."

William, "Today I went behind the scenes and we fed a large snake and an eastern king snake a mouse, and the cornsnake swallowed it hole. And I got to see baby alligators."

Courtney, "Today we went behind the scenes and fed jellyfish. We also got to hold jellyfish. We also fed sea turtles. I learned sea turtles like jelly fish!"

Christopher, "I learned that jellyfish can eat other jellyfish and my group I'm with have cool stories about touching jellies!"

Caitlin, "We got to feed gars and catfish and other fresh water fish. Also a guy named Keith came in and showed us a snake. I learned that snakes don't have eyelids or ears."

Wade, "I learned a group of fish can turn into a feeding frenzy."

Michael, "Today I watched jellyfish eat. I learned that jellyfish pull food to its stomach. I fed sea turtles, they like moon jellies. I got to pick up a moon jelly, I liked it."

Maddie, "Today I got to feed the hidden hunters tank. I learned that the Aquarium makes some of their own fish food."

Laura, "Today we went to feed the sea turtles. I learned that they like jellyfish."

Kelsey, "Today we fed the fish then we fed the touch tank animals. I learned that horseshoe crabs need to be hand fed. Then we fed a lobster and shark tooth reef. After that we went downstairs and cleaned the quails. Next we met Wilson the Duck. He's a funny little guy! Then we watched the alligators until it was time to go."

Kylee, "Today I got to feed a dead mouse to a cornsnake behind the scenes! I learned snake's jaws are not connected. And that some times snakes loose their fangs when they eat. And I got to see an albino snapping turtle."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Animal Keeper Campers have Arrived!

The theme of this weeks summer camp is 'Animal Keepers' where the campers get to explore what it is like to take care of the animals at the Aquarium. This is what they had to say after their first day of camp:

Courtney, " Today we went to the stingray tank. We fed all of the stingrays. I learned that cownose rays have a slow digestive system. They have to feed them by hand. If they don't and they just throw them in the tank the other stingrays will eat it all before the cownose rays can have seconds."

Jonathan, "Today at the Aquarium we got to go behind the scences and see baby quails! We cleaned up there poo, it was not messy. We also got to pet a quail! The young cardinal was very cute! We saw two ducks in the duck cage that I did not know existed!"

Erin, "Today I learned about how different sharks eat when my group fed the sharks behind the scences. Sand tigers eat slow and sandbars eat fast and agressive. Sandbar shark's food can't be thrown in or they will get to agressive."

Kylee, "Today I got to clean and touch quails! I learned that one of the alligators has eggs in her. But they don't know if they were fertilized. It was so cool!"

Kailey, "Today in Aquarium camp our group learned how to clean a quail's cage. The leader took a quail out of its cage and every person touched the very top of its head. We also went to see the ducks behind the scenes. The group also cleaned a cardinals cage and replaced the newspaper, water, and food. Behind the scenes is amazing!"

Caitlin, "We touched a black rat snake today and it felt scaley."

Michael, "Today I fed some cownose rays. There really fun to feed. They suck on your hand, it feels cool when they touch your hand."

Kelsey, "We got to feed the sharks today! It was great. We learned that sand tiger sharks feed really slowly. Sandbar sharks even jump to get their food. It was amazing! We even got to keep one of the shark teeth!"

Christopher, "I have learned that the cownose stingray has to be hand feed and the teacher is very nice."

Maddie, "Today I touched a black rat snake. It felt like rubber. We also got to feed the newts. They ate tiny shrimp."

Maren, "Me and my group got to feed the sharks! Some sharks were like "This is good! Give me more!" and the other type of sharks acted like "Whatever. I could care less." It was so cool! I loved it!"

Laura, "I learned how to feed the cownose rays, you have to put your hand out and wait for the ray to suck the food off."

William, "What I learned in Aquarium camp is that Wilson the suck is trained to go on people's arms. I got to touch Wilson and a quail, it's very cool."

Wade, "I learned that black rat snake is non-venomous."

Emily, "I learned about sharks and it was awesome! We got to feed them and I learned that if they are in a tank that you can't just throw in the fish you have to use tongs! And I got to take a shark tooth home!"

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ocean Explorers Say Farewell to Aquairum Summer Camp!

On the last day of camp, the Ocean Explorers gave it their all during their final skits that they performed for their family and friends. This is what they had to say about their week at Aquarium summer camp:

Maddie, "My favorite part of camp was the skit. I played Simona Cowell. It was awesome."

Abbi, "The skit is my favorite thing for the whole week."

Laura, "My favorite activity was going to the beach because even though I live here, I don't get to go a lot."

Jonathon, "My favorite part of camp was EVERYTHING."

Spencer, "My favorite part of the week was the skit. I was a dolphin."

Arianna, "My favorite part about the week was the skit. I was the clownfish."

L.J., "My favorite part of camp was going to the beach and jumping in the waves. "

Zachary, "I got to go behind the scenes to see animals and we learned about jelly fish."

Kerrigan, "My favorite part of the week was going to the beach."

Teddy, "My favorite thing at camp that I did was our fun canoeing experience to Zeke's Island."

Melissa, "My favorite part of this week was when we went to the beach to catch some waves!"

Sydney, "My very favorite part of the whole entire week were my friends. No matter what we did this week it was with the Ocean Explorers. They were so much fun. I am going to miss them very much."

Alexia, "My favorite thing throughout the week was when we went to the touch tank because I got to touch a stingray and it felt slimmy and weird!"

Alyssa, "My favorite parts of this week were the skit because I am Ellen, the judge. My other favorite part was making the colorful shirts. I am sad it is our last day. I will miss Ms. Natalie and Ms. Lauren."