Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 4

It's day four for our 10-12 year old Ocean Explorers! Today's adventures included canoeing and a Behind the Scenes look at the Cape Fear Shoals. Let's see what our campers had to say...

Nikolas, "I liked crabbing the most because I enjoy catching fish."

Brendan, "I learned that certain predators have special adaptations to catch their prey."

Corbin, "My favorite activity was getting to see the turtles. I liked it because I learned that the turtles on land have a round shell and the ones in the water have a flat shell."

Cameron, "I learned that a turtle is both a predator and a prey."

Cassidy, "My favorite activity was going up to the top of the Cape Fear Shoals tank."

Sachi, "My favorite activity was going behind the scenes."

Savannah, "My favorite activity was going canoeing because I was helping."

Katelyn, "Today Ocean Explorers went canoeing. We saw Zeke's Island and swam. It was amazing."

Elena, "My favorite activity was being on top of the big tank."

Mat, "My favorite activity was going canoeing."

Check back tomorrow for our final update from our second group of campers!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 3

Day three was an exciting one for our 10-12 year old Ocean Explorers. Let's see what they learned...

Mat, " I learned that alligators had adaptations."

Savannah, "My favorite activity was touching the alligator because it was cool."

Corbin, "I learned that even if you kill one thing in an environment, it can mess up the whole food chain."

Katelyn, "Today, Ocean Explorers went on a tour of the entire Aquarium. We also met squiggles the alligator."

Cameron, "My favorite activity was going outside and playing games."

Nikolas, "My favorite activity was playing predator and prey games outside because I love sports!"

Sachi, "I liked making the shirts and looking for shark teeth."

Elena, "I learned all about alligators!"

Cassidy, "I learned that alligators have bones that protect them called scutes."

Brendan, "I learned that alligators all have special adaptations."

Check back tomorrow for another update from our campers!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 2

Day 2 for our second group of Ocean Explorers found our 10-12 year old campers recycling paper, and going behind the scenes to learn more about the Aquarium and the animals that live there. Let's hear what our campers had to say...

Corbin, "The octopus was my favorite part because it did a whole bunch of tricks."

Sachi, "My favorite activity was going behind the scenes. I liked it because we got to see all the animals."

Brendan, "I learned that a lion fish has a new predator."

Savannah, "I learned that a duck is both predator and prey."

Cameron, "I learned that humpback whales have a predator called a cookie cutter shark."

Cassidy, "My favorite activity was when Miss Jen brought out Wilson the wood duck and we went to the conservatory. I also liked going to the beach."

Elena, "We learned about ducks and how they lose their feathers."

Nikolas, "I liked going to the beach because we all had the most awesome time."

Katelyn, "Today, Ocean Explorers went to the beach and Behind the Scenes. It was very fun! At Behind the Scenes, we saw tiny seahorses and an octopus."

Mat, "My favorite activity was going to the conservatory."

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog: Week 2

Our second week of summer camps has officially kicked off. Let's see what our second group of 10-12 year old Ocean Explorers had to say about their first day...

Nikolas, "I learned that most animals are predators and prey."

Elena, "My favorite activity was making animals you get to make up."

Corbin,"My favorite activity was going to the beach. We got to see animals on and under the rocks."

Brendan, "I learned that there are many types of predators and prey. I also learned what they eat."

Cameron, "I learned that the corn snake is prey."

Katelyn, "Today Ocean Explorers went to Rocky Outcrop and I found a broken shell. We also got to see and pet a corn snake."

Mat, "I liked making clay animals because we made up our own."

Cassidy, "I learned that herrings eat baby alligators."

Savannah, "I learned that predators eat the fish and prey do not."

Sachi, "My favorite activity was making the clay animals. I liked it because we could be creative."

Check back tomorrow for another update from our campers.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 5

Today was the final day of camp for this summer's first group of Ocean Explorers. Let's see how they enjoyed their day...

Sara, "I learned that moray eels are actually blue."

Kay-Kay, "I learned that sharks are very much apex predators."

Ross, "My favorite activity was probably touring the area because I can see all the stuff."

Alex, "I liked catching the large minnows when we were at Rocky Outcrop."

Jack, "I learned that nothing eats eels but us."

Carmen, "I liked going to the Rocky Outcrop. We did not see much but we still had fun."

Ella, "Today I learned that sharks seem like they want to eat me."

Emerson, "I learned that Megalodon's eat whales!"

Charlie, "My favorite activity was the private dive show because it was only for campers."

Anna-Poe, "My favorite activity was the dive show because they told us things we had never heard before."

Bekah, "I liked eating cake and going on the tour."

Check back next week for updates from our second set of Ocean Explorers!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 4

Day 4 of summer camp found our 10-12 year old campers exploring Behind the Scenes and making predators and prey out of clay. Let's see what our Ocean Explorers learned...

Charlie, "My favorite activity was viewing the Cape Fear Shoals tank from above, but making the predators and prey out of clay, the fossil pit, squiggles the alligator, and the beach were close."

Sara, "I learned that crocodiles eat caterpillars (when young). We had fun making up predators and prey by making up creatures with clay.

Anna-Poe, "My favorites were looking behind the scenes and the beach because it was fun and cool!!"

Jack, "Fossil finding was my favorite activity because I found shark teeth."

Bekah, "Going behind the scenes for the big tank and making clay animals were my favorite activities."

Emerson, "I liked it when we met squiggles. We even got to touch him. And, by the way, squiggles is an alligator."

Alex, "I liked digging a hole for fish instead of them being in the cooler."

Ella, "My favorite activity today was making clay figures. I enjoyed this because I like making up unique creatures."

Carmen, "Today I learned about animals. They are either prey or predators."

Kay-Kay, "Today I learned that every food chain has an apex or top predator and mosquitoes like to eat us (especially me)."

Ross, "I liked looking at the dive tank because it was cool seeing fish of all kinds together peacefully."

Check back tomorrow for another update from our campers!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 3

Day 3 of our Ocean Explorers summer camp was a blast! Our campers were boogie boarding and making book covers from recycled paper as they continued to learn about predators and prey. Let's see what they had to say...

Carmen, "I loved boogie boarding and just playing around on the beach because all my friends were here."

Charlie, "I liked everything today from the Behind the Scenes Tour to the beach, the paper-making to the movie. It's been the greatest day so far."

Emerson, "I learned that baby alligators are a prey to many things."

Anna-Poe, "My favorite activities were the beach and the saltwater tour and Wilson the Duck because they're fun!!!"

Kay-Kay, "I have two favorite activities. 1) Going to the beach and fighting waves. 2) Going to the saltwater Behind the Scenes. I just love sharks."

Ella, "Today I learned that Sandbar sharks stay by the sandbar because the fish swim around that area."

Ross, "Meeting Wilson and Behind the Scenes were my favorite activity because I like seeing things in real life."

Bekah, "My favorite was meeting Wilson the wood duck."

Alex, "I like the boogie boarding because I always hit the big waves."

Sara, "I learned that wood ducks eat acorns . Wilson the wood duck taught us about ducks too."

Jack, "The beach because the big and little waves were fun."

Check back tomorrow for more updates from our campers!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 2

Day two found our 10-12 year old Ocean Explorers canoeing and having a blast as they continued to learn about predators and prey. Let's see what our campers had to say...

Ross, "A single animal can eat a lot of things, bad things included!"

Anna-Poe, "The predator is bigger than the prey but can be smaller."

Sara, "My favorite activity was exploring Zeke's Island. We canoed there and went swimming."

Alex, "I like swimming in the hole. (It's hard to swim with shoes!)"

Kay-Kay, "I learned that dead fish attract birds."

Ella, " My favorite activity today was canoeing and playing at Zeke's Island. I enjoyed this because I really enjoy acting crazy and playing in water."

Emerson, " I like canoeing to Zeke's Island and crabbing and catching fish with nets. I caught 6 crabs, 2 hermit crabs, and 3 fish."

Charlie, "My favorite activity was Zeke's Island because the water was so calm and nice and there was so much cool wildlife."

Bekah, "I liked when we went canoeing to Zeke's Island. We crabbed fished and swam."

Jack, "I learned that small crabs can't eat fish."

Carmen, "My favorite activity was swimming and catching crabs at Zeke's Island. I liked that because it was just so fun."

Keep checking back for more updates from our campers!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog

Monday kicked off the 2011 NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher Summer Camps. See what our 10-12 year old Ocean Explorers had to say about their first day!

Sara, "My favorite activity was going to the marsh and letting periwinkle snails slither on my hand."

Emerson, "I like crabbing and net fishing at the marsh. I caught a fish and some gross shrimp."

Bekah, "I learned about the food web."

Anna-Poe, "I learned that the predator eats the prey."

Alex, "On the first day it was crabbing. I was partners with Ross and Jake and we caught a fish and a baby crab."

Kay-Kay, "I enjoyed the freshwater conservatory tour because we got to see all these living things that come from North Carolina."

Carmen, "Today I loved catching crabs because I had a good partner. We caught two crabs (wow!)"

Charlie, "I learned that in the food chain, plants are called producers and animals are called consumers."

Ella, "I learned that plants are the main producer of the food chain."

Ross, "The conservatory was my favorite activity because you can look at the animals in real life instead of looking at pictures."

Jack, "Swimming was my favorite activity. I need to practice!"

Keep checking back for more updates from our campers!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Junior Volunteers Earn Experience

All employers seem to want job candidates with “experience.” In today’s competitive job market, experience counts more than ever. But how can a young person get it?

Sometimes, VOLUNTEERING is the answer. Volunteering can be a valuable educational experience for young people seeking to broaden their horizons and beef up their resumes. Offering time and services to an organization an opportunity for hands-on experience in specific tasks as well as an inside look at how an organization operates. That’s important, because employers screen job applicants based not only on the amount of experience they have, but also how applicable that experience is to the job in question.

At the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher, Junior Volunteers interested in marine biology assist Aquarium staff in daily tasks needed to keep the Aquarium running smoothly. Junior volunteers not only gain valuable work experience, they also have fun. And volunteering at the aquarium is an opportunity to be active and productive on weekends and during long breaks from school; Junior Volunteers are never bored!

For more information, check out the NC Aquarium’s website, or the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher’s Junior Volunteer Facebook page.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aquarium Spreads Awareness for World Ocean Day

The ocean sustains us, regulates our climate, and provides a place for fun and relaxation. Why not return the favor? Take a special day to honor the great body of water responsible for so much life on the planet.

Celebrate World Ocean Day. The annual eco-friendly holiday will take place on Wednesday, June 8, and the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher plans to celebrate with some special programs. In accordance with this year’s theme Youth: The Next Wave for Change, the schedule includes an interactive Geodome presentation for eighth grade students in the Aquarium’s auditorium at 1:45 PM. Aquarium guests can also view a special “Plastic Reduction” display with informative ways to reduce the use of plastic in our lives.

Guests may also explore carts with various themes set up around the Aquarium, including sea turtles, whales and dolphins, shells, and marine debris. The Nature Swap will be set up from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM where visitors can trade their own discoveries for other treasures found in nature such as shells, shark teeth, snake skins, or fossils.

World Oceans Day is held every June 8th, and is coordinated by The Ocean Project ( and the World Ocean Network ( For more information, including a comprehensive list of events locally and globally, please visit the website of World Oceans Day (