Friday, August 12, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 5

Last day for our last group of Ocean Explorers for this summer. What was today's favorite activity? What did they learn about an "extreme animal"?

Jessie: "Taking the tour was my favorite. I saw some new stuff." "The king snake. It has no venom, but it will eat other snakes."

Jackson: "My favorite - the kingsnake. I got to pet him. The kingsnake eats rattlesnakes."

Sarah: "My favorite activity was touching the snake." "We learned about snakes."

Katy G: "I liked touching the snake. His skin was so smooth." "My favorite extreme animal was the girafffe. It has a 22-lb heart."

Anica: "I finally overcame my fear of snakes by touching a kingsnake." "The whale is an extreme animal ... its awesome song."

Kolten: "My favorite was going to the Megalodon exhibit, because their teeth are huge." "A kingsnake - it eats rattlesnakes."

Kelly B. "I liked touching a kingsnake, because who gets to touch a snake every day?" "Today I learned about the great white shark. They are the largest top-predator shark."

Jessie R. "My favorite activity was exploring the Aquarium, because there are so many fascinating creatures." "Today I learned about the kingsnake and its appetite for venomous snakes."

Peyton: "My favorite activity was touching the snake." "Kingsnakes can eat venomous snakes and can process the venom."

Katie F: "I liked touching/petting Hunter Helpington the 9th (the kingsnake) because I liked the name!" "My favorite extreme animal is the Megalodon, because I like its big jaws."

Kaylee P: "I enjoyed touching the kingsnake. The kingsnake easts venomous snakes."

Chris: "I liked learning about a kingsnake, and it was really cool. I learned that a kingsnake eats other snakes."

Chase: "I enjoyed meeting Hunter Helpington the snake." "A hyena's bite is stronger than a lion's bite."

Davis: "Touching a snake was awesome!"

L.J. "My favorite was the Aquarium tour. We saw the Megalodon exhibit." "A hyena -- it looks like a dog but it is not."

Tommy: "I liked going behind the scenes and seeing the fish." "A peregrine falcon can fly 200 mph."

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ocean Exporers Blog 4

Another day of fun in the sun, plus behind-the-scenes learning opportunities. Here are log entries from our 10- to 12-year-old Aquarium campers.

Peyton: "My favorite activity was behind-the-scenes, because I saw a sandbar shark." "Extreme animal - the fidder crab. It can dig into the ground to hide from predators."

Sarah R: "My favorite was canoeing, because we went to Zeke's Island." "We learned about sea turtles on the coast."

Anica: "My favorite was seeing the sea turtle." "The rock fish -- it blends with the rocks."

Jackson: "The canoe trip was my favorite, because we saw a stingray." "My favorite extreme animal was plankton, because some types turn into other animals."

Jessie H: "Going behind the scenes -- I got to see a baby sea turtle." "The moon jellyfish -- we learned about its life cycle."

Jessie R: "My favorite was going behind the scenes to see animals, because I got to see sharks sticking their fins out of the water for the first time." "Today I learned about coral, and the different abilties it has to catch plankton."

Tommy: "Behind the scenes, because we got to see crabs and turtles." "Sharks have a black top and a black bottom, for camouflage."

Katie F: "I learned a lot behind the scenes." "Plankton can change into different animals."

Katy G: "My favorite activity today was canoeing. It was my first time, and it was fun." "I learned about plankton. Some plankton can change."

Kolten: "My favorite thing today was going to Zeke's Island. I saw a stingray." "Coral can swim in the underwater."

Kelly B: "My favorite activity was canoeing, because I have only been once before." "I learned about plankton. Plankton can be an animal or a plant."

Chase: "Canoeing was fun. Seeing a stingray was cool." "An octopus can shrink to the size of its beak."

Chris: "I liked the backstage tour, because it was educational." "I learned that some jellyfish have points that release from the tentacles when it touches something."

Kaylee: "I enjoyed canoeing and going to Zeke's Island." "Jellyfish -- a type of plankton, no brains, stingers!"

L.J.: "Canoeing; we saw a live manta ray." "Coral needs lots of sunlight."


Ocean Explorers 3

Here are log-book entries for Wednesday, from our intrepid Ocean Explorers. They describe their favorite activity of the day, and tell what they learned about an "extreme animal."

Jackson: “My favorite was the beach, because I got to boogie board the whole time.” "Some starfish species can regenerate themselves."

Sarah: "Going behind the scenes, because it was fun.” “We learned about the sea turtles and how they migrate.”

Chris: “I liked it when we learned about sea urchins because I learned a lot about them. I learned that sea urchins are vegetarians.”

Peyton: "Making shirts, because I had a lot of fun.” “Emperor Penguins – they can grow to be 5 feet tall.”

Jessie R: “My favorite activity today was painting green T-shirts because it made me excited to wear a shirt I made.” “Today I learned about many creatures of the Galapagos Islands. The iguanas have adapted to marine life and do not live in the water.”

Jessie H: “I had fun making the T-shirts!” “The sea urchins curl using their spikes.”

Katie F: “My favorite activity today was the T-shirt making because it was a craft.” “I learned about deep sea animals and that they can go under tons of pressure!”

Kelly B: “I liked going to the beach because it started raining.” “We saw a star fish. It sticks its stomach out of its mouth and dissolves its prey.”

Kaylee: “I learned that the Arctic tern travels 50,000 miles.”

Chase: “The beach because it was so fun boogie boarding.” “Starfish because if you cut them in half they will grow back.”

Katy G: “My favorite activity today was getting rained on at the beach. I liked it because the rain water felt so good.” “I learned about the box jellyfish. The Australian ones are venomous.”

Tommy: “Getting to see and touch starfish and sea urchins.” “Galapagos iguanas that can dive and eat the algae that grows on rocks.”

Anica: “Making the box jelly." “The box jelly strings are poisonous.”


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 2

Today our campers made their own paper with recycled fiber, and used it to make covers for their daily logbooks. They also explored the Aquarium's behind-the-scenes life-support and holding areas, saw a sea-turtle film, and made sea-creature masks. Oh, and they went to the beach for a swim!

Jessie: "Today my favorite activity was making sea-creature masks, because I enjoyed seeing my paper plate slowly evolve into a cuttlefish." "I learned about the loggerhead turtle and its 30-year-long from the coast of America to nearly Africa!"

Chase: "My favorite was behind the scenes, because it was very interesting." "The extreme animal I learned about was the sea turtle. It travels so far!"

Sarah: "My favorite activity was going behind the scenes, because it was fun." "We learned about sea turtles and how they migrate."

Kelly: "I liked going behind the scenes and seeing the frog fish, because I haven't seen it before." "I learned about a humpback whales, and how they talk to each other by 'singing.'"

Jessie: "Going behind the scenes -- it wuz fun!" "I learned about the loggerhead turtle and its life cycle."

Peyton: "My favorite activity was behind the scenes, because I saw some cool underwater animals." "The loggerhead can act like a leaf at the top of the water."

Davis: "I liked going behind the scenes." "The angler fish has a little light on its head. The little light attracts prey."

L.J. "My favorite was behind the scenes, because we learned about the Aquarium!" "I learned about the loggerhead turtle. It goes back to where it was born."

Katy: "My favorite part of today was going to the beach. I rode tons of waves and had fun with my friends." "My favorite extreme animal was the sea turtle. I learned the route they swim."

Kolten: "I liked playing at the beach, cause I rode my boogie board." "The extreme animal I learned about was the loggerhead sea turtle. They swim a long distance."

Kaylee: "I liked the movie about the instincts of a turtle, because every animal has instincts." "The angle-fish lives in pitch blackness at the lowest depths of the sea and it has a little light to attract prey."

Jackson: "I liked the beach because I boogie-boarded the big kahuha!" "I liked the angler fish, because it has a lure to lure in prey."

Chris: "Today I liked going to the beach, because you get to play with everyone." "I learned that a loggerhead turtle is born on land."

Katie F. "My favorite activity today was going to the beach, because I liked going under the waves." "I learned about sea turtles, and learned that turtles can swim around the world."

Anica: "We made angler fish masks today. It was fun." "The extreme animal and its adaptation: the angler fish has a light that attracts prey."

Tommy: "We went to the beach and caught some waves." "Humpback whales travel from the Antarctic to the Caribbean."


Monday, August 8, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 1

Today we welcomed the last of our Ocean Explorers for the summer. They started out their week visiting the tide pools of the only rocky outcrop on the North Carolina Coast -- it's very near the Aquarium! They also met Wilson the Wood Duck, they studied about "extreme animals" of the Arctic, and then they made shadow-box dioramas to illustrate what they learned.

Kolten: "I enjoyed the craft, because we got to make collages of extreme polar animals." "I learned about the Arctic Tern, which is a bird that migrates the farthest of any animal."

Katie F.: "My favorite activity was making the shadow box, because the creativity part was really fun." "I think Wilson the Wood Duck was cool because his feathers were waterproof."

Katy G.: "My favorite was going to the rocky outcrop. I liked it because I found some cool shells." "I learned the Wood Ducks camouflage to their surroundings."

Peyton: "Wilson the Wood Duck had cool adaptations." "The polar bear has adaptations; his skin is really black so it absorbs heat."

Sarah: "My favorite was Wilson, because he was interesting." "We learned about birds and how they are related to reptiles."

Chase: "Seeing Wilson the duck was my favorite activity, because he is so funny, and very interesting." "The great white shark is extreme because it can live for days in brackish water."

Jessie: "My favorite was meeting the duck Wilson, because I didn't know that much about ducks. A duck lives up to 20 years."

Kaylee: "My favorite thing today was going to the coquina rocky outcrop. I found a crab exoskeleton." "I learned about the Arctic tern. It travels 50,000 miles."

L.J. : "I liked finding all the sharks' teeth. I liked it because you got to impress others with what you found." "I learned that the wood duck molts to get rid of germs."

Anica: "I enjoyed finding cool seashells and sharks' teeth, because I haven't been able to do so (before)." "I learned about the leopard seal. It lives in Antarctica."

Chris: "My favorite thing today was to meet Wilson, because he pooped everywhere and flew everywhere." "I learned that the Arctic Tern is the farthest traveling animal ever."

Kelly: "I liked seeing Wilson the Wood Duck because he went crazy; he was flying and jumping out of the cage." "I learned about a polar bear. They have black skin and then two layers of clear fur. The look white from the reflection of the sun."

Davis: "My favorite was the rocky outccrop, or you can call it the coquina." "I learned that the penguins swim to find food instead of flying."

Tommy: "My favorite was when we went to a rocky outcrop and found a starfish and a hermit crab." "I learned that giraffes are extreme animals. They have to have long tongues so they can reach leaves."

Jackson: "My favorite was when we met Wilson the Wood Duck. I liked it because he attacked my friend." "I learned about the penguin. It has feathers that can withstand hundreds of degrees below zero."

Jessie: "My favorite today was going to the coquina, a group of mossy rocks with an abundance of wildlife, becuase I enjoyed finding and watching the animals." "I learned that the Wood Duck has many adaptations, such as molting feathers, webbed feet, and its bill, to survive in bodies of water."


Friday, August 5, 2011

Ocean Explorers 5

Our Ocean Explorers log their last day at camp. They describe today's favorite activity, and what they learned about an "extreme animal," and its adaptations.

Mason: "I liked touching the snake, because it felt really scaly." "A black rat snake can climb really well."

Emily: "Today my favorite activity was taking the tour and learning about all the animals." "Today I learned about an anteater. The anteater is a mammal."

Simon: "The dive show was really cool!" "A chameleon camouflages by changing colors."

Hannah: "My favorite activity was touring the aquarium, because it was really cool." "I learned that the bush baby is the smallest primate."

Michael: "I liked meeting the rat snake, because I got to touch it." "I learned that the black mamba is the fastest snake, and it is venomous."

Erin: "My favorite activity was touching the rat snake. It was the cutest snake I have ever seen (besides my corn snake)." "The bush baby -- the bush baby can jump 20 feet!"

Anna: "My favorite activity was going to the top of the fish tank." "My favorite extreme animal was the black rat snake. They shed their skin."

Kerrigan: "My favorite activity was going behind the scenes, because we got to see baby animals." "A black rat snake squeezes its prey before eating it."

Laura K: "I liked seeing the snake. The snake is very beautiful." "I learned that the peregrine falcon is the fastest bird in the world."

Savannah: "I liked touring the Aquarium, because we got to see the Megalodon exhibit." "Snakes -- they use their forked tongue to sense direction."

Alyssa: "I loved touring the Aquarium, because the Megalodon exhibit was very good." "I like the African lungfish because it can go four years living in mud even though it has gills."

Laura: "My favorite activity today was touring the Aquarium. I liked doing that because I got to see all the different animals and exhibits." "The cheetah is my favorite extreme animal -- it can run extremely fast."

Sophia: "My favorite was meeting the rat snake, because we got to pet it." "The extreme animal I learned about was the Nile crocodile. It is the largest crocodile in Africa."

William: "Going behind the scenes, seeing animals I never knew about." "The giraffe's adaptation is its long neck and legs, so they can reach tall things."

Emily: "I liked seeing the snake, because we got to touch it." "I learned about the ostrich, and that it has 3 eyelids."

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! (Tune in again Monday, when another group of Ocean Explorers comes to the Aquarium!)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ocean Exporers Blog 4

Whew! What a day! Jellyfish-touching, behind-the-scenes touring, a bit of beach-business (check out those shark teeth), and more) ....

Michael: "My favorite activity was going behind the scenes, because we got to see all the animals." "I learned that a jellyfish's adaptation is its sting."

Emily Grace H.: "Today I learned about jellyfish, and a moon jelly's sting is so small that you can't even feel it."

Alyssa: "I loved the beach and going behind the scenes. I loved finding animals at the beach and learning about the extreme animals in the aquarium." "I enjoyed learning about jellyfish. They sting to paralyze their prey."

Kerrigan: "My favorite activity was going to the beach, because the water was nice and cool." "An extreme animal that I learned about today was a jellyfish. A jellyfish is a type of plankton. That's why it just floats around."

Simon: "My favorite was going to the beach." "The alligator lives in a gator hole."

Emily Grace K.: "I liked going to the beach because I took a nap on the beach." "I learned about moon jellies. They sting but you can't feel it."

Laura: "I liked going behind the scenes and seeing the sharks." "About the turtle: I learned that if the water is too cold they can get cold-stunned."

Mason: "I liked behind the scenes, because we got to see sharks." "The extreme animal I saw today was the jellyfish. Its adaptation is its tentacles."

Sophia: "I liked the beach, because there were good waves." "The extreme animal I learned about was the moon jellyfish. We learned the bell is the top of a jellyfish."

Laura Ellen: " My favorite activity was going to the beach and playing in the water and the sand." "I learned that sharks have a lot of big and sharp teeth to kill other fish or animals for food."

Savannah: "My favorite activity was going behind the scenes, because I got to see a lot of amazing animals." "Jellyfish use their stinging tentacles to stun prey and their feeding tentacles moving it to their mlouths."

Hannah: "I liked going to the beach and finding seashells and shark teeth." "We learned about plankton. Plankton has many different species, and they can turn into different animals."

Erin: "My favorite activity was going behind the scenes and seeing the green sea turtle. The aquarium is holding it 'cause it was cold-stunned. :) " "The extreme animal we learned about was the moon jelly -- we learned how they sting their prey and stuff."

William: "I liked going behind the scenes and seeing fish that other people can't see." "The jellyfish's adaptation is stinging animals and people to protect itself."

Anna: "My favorite activity was LUNCH, because I ate three hot dogs." "Today we learned about jellyfish with stingers that are really small."


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 3

Today our Ocean Explorers made T-shirts, went canoeing, went for a swim, explored the touch-pool, and continued learning about "extreme animals." Some memories of the day:

Savannah: "My favorite was making the shirts, because it was fun painting." "I learned that a hermit crab uses its shell to hide from predators."

Michael: "I liked canoeing, because it was fun paddling." "A crab's adaptations are its claws and its eyes."

Anna: "My favorite activity was swimming in the lazy river today." "My favorite extreme animal that we learned about was the star fish. They have suction things to help them walk."

Mason: "My favorite was making the shirts, because it was really fun to paint." "I learned about the hermit crab. It hides in its shell."

Erin: "When we went canoeing (was my favorite)." "The swimming hole was perfect for swimming." "I learned about the decorative crab. It uses other shells and urchins to "decorate" its shell, or for camouflage."

Emily: "Going canoeing was fun. It was really fun going in the lazy river." "Extreme animal: the otter. It lives in the kelp forest."

Kerrigan: "My favorite was making our camp T-shirts, because I made seafoam green." "The emperor penguin stays above ground during the winter. They huddle together to keep warm."

Laura: "Canoeing was my favorite today. It was so much fun going to Zeke's Island." "I learned about crabs. Their eyes are on the top of their heads."

William: "Making the shirts. It was fun painting the fish and writing your name on it." "I earned about sea urchins. Their adaptations are its spikes. They used them to protect themselves with the spikes' venom."

Alyssa: "I loved canoeing and making shirts. Canoeing ws fun because we got to play at Zeke's Island. And making shirts is like a camp tradition that I have done for 5 years." "I liked learning about sea stars. They can grow their arms back if they lose them."

Sophia: "I liked going to the beach, because we got to work together." "Humpbacks eat thousands of krills."

Emily: "My favorite activity was painting a fish and putting a print of it on a green T-shirt." "An extreme animals that I learned about today was a crab. Its eyes are on stilts on top of their heads."

Hannah: "I liked canoeing, because I never canoed in the front of a canoe before." "I learned about a sea anemone, and they are related to jellyfish."

Simon: "Making the shirts was fun!" "Penguins can't fly!"

Laura Ellen: "My favorite activity today was going canoeing." "A sea otter has fins so it can swim in the water."

More coming tomorrow!

Ocean Explorers Blog 2

Yesterday our campers went to the beach, learned more about "extreme animals," and went on a behind-the-scenes tour. After lunch, they had fun making masks of aquatic creatures they've been learning about. Here are some of their notes:

Emily Grace: "Today we went behind the scenes and saw a flounder. I named it FishyFishy Flounder. It is a cool name." "The deep sea animal that we learned about was a deadly jellyfish, and if it stings you you will die."

Sophia: "I liked going to the beach, because we got to surf big waves." "One extreme animal is a sea snake. It can stay under water for 8 hours."

Emily King: "I liked the beach because the waves were just right." "An angler fish is a deep-sea fish and he has something on his or her head."

Laura: "I had a lot of fun at the beach." "The shark has scales that are rough, and if you magnify it it looks like teeth."

Kerrigan: "We got to swim and play in the sand." "An octopus can change its texture and color. An octopus squirts ink at you to escape."

Laura Ellen: "My favorite was going to the beach and playing in the water." "Giant squid can squirt out ink so they can get away from their predators."

Mason: "I found two shark teeth at the beach." "The angler fish is cool because it has a light coming out of its head."

Alyssa: "The waves at the beach were epic." "I learned the angler fish has a light so it can see in the deep sea."

Simon: "My favorite was going behind the scenes." "The whale shark is the largest shark."

Erin: "The water at the beach was perfect. Even though it was high tide, the waves were easy to dive or jump over." "The angler fish is a deep-sea fish with a light-looking thingy on top of its face."

Anna: "My favorite was playing on the beach." "The extreme animal I learned about was the octopus. They have 8 arms and a big head."

Hanna: "I liked going to the beach because I like swimming." "Extreme animals I learned about: Box jellies and angler fish -- they use bioluminsescense."

Michael: "The beach was really fun." "The octopus is one extreme animal I learned about. Its adaptations are 8 arms, and it has no bones."

Savanna: "My favorite activity was behind the scenes, because it was fun to learn about the animals." "The box jellyfish uses bioluminescense."

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 1

A new gang of Ocean Explorers started today, with a new camp theme, Extreme Animals! Here are today's blog entries:

Sophia: "I liked Wilson the Wood Duck because it was fun to learn bird facts." "I learned about a shark: a shark is a FISH."

Simon: "We got to see Wilson. He jumped on people. Wood ducks have green feathers on their heads, and the males are even more colorful."

Laura K.: "My favorite activity was taking a walk, because I saw a buck and a Great Blue Heron." "An extreme animal is a polar bear. They have thick layers of hair and their bodies are black."

Hannah: "I liked seeing Wilson the Wood Duck. He was very interesting. I learned stuff I' ve never known before. I learned about how males look different than females." "The extreme animal I learned about was the narwhal. It is interesting to know they use a huge tooth to fight."

Michael: "My favorite was meeting the duck, because he was jumping all over the place." "Polar bear was the extreme animal I learned about today; its adaptations are its fur and its teeth."

Alyssa Cribb: "My favorite activity was making paper, because it is something I've never done before." "I liked learning about the narwhal; it has a tooth for fighting."

Erin: "My favorite activity was watching Wilson the Wood Duck. He pooped twice. As we were putting him away he flew away and jumped on me and Alyssa .... He is adapted to live in the swampy woods."

Anna: "My favorite activity was making the boat." "I learned about penguins. They swim and eat fish and slide on their bellies."

William: "Wilson the Wood Duck was so cute and colorful." "The narwhal's adaptation is its tooth. It grows up to a foot and it uses it to fight."

Mason: "Wilson was my favorite ... so fun to watch him." "A great white shark's adaptations are its flippers, and the flippers help him swim."

Emily: "When Wilson came he would not go into his cage and he walked on the back of my legs." "A polar bear is an extreme animal that is warm blooded."

Savannah: "Making the shadow box was fun and it was very creative." "The narwhal uses its horn to fight."

Laura: "My favorite activities today were meeting Wilson, and making paper. I also liked making my diarama." "We learned about whales and how they have blubber to move around easily."

Emily Grace: "My favorite activity today was arts and crafts, because I love to use creativity." "Today we learned about Penguins ...."

Kerrigan: "My favorite activity was meeting Wilson, because he flew onto Alyssa's leg." "A polar bear has two layers of fur and his skin is black."

More tomorrow!