Monday, November 24, 2008

Frogs on the 4's

The N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher has been celebrating our slimy friends all year, and you only have one more chance, on December 4, to join us for the final Frogs on the 4’s. Frogs on the 4’s was designed to support the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s 2008 Year of the Frog initiative by providing one day each month specifically focused on amphibians. All programs, films, activities, feedings and crafts are themed towards our slimy stars.

Two interactive auditorium programs will be presented, a Creature Feature at 11:30 am and a Wetland Odyssey at 1:30 pm, For the final Frogs on the 4s, the Aquarium has created a new program, Slime vs. Scales, where an educator leads a debate between two costumed characters, a frog and a snake, about whose adaptations make them the coolest animal in the swamp. In Swamp Symphony, the audience helps create a suitable habitat for these awesome amphibians and meet a few live critters while having a stomping, clapping good time.

Four films will be offered focused on amphibian or their habitats. Frogs, Fact or Folklore? discusses the reputation and myths surrounding amphibians, Spring Forth and Multiply! goes into detail about vernal ponds necessary to the amazing life cycle of our native frogs and toads, while Eyewitness Amphibians and Eyewitness Pond give the viewer an inside look at these animals and their habitats.

An amphibian classroom will be filled with lily pad magnet crafts, coloring, games and prizes. Enjoy frog sounds, games, and a wonderful reading nook complete with a huge “froggie” pillow to sit and explore a book! A froggie hat clad greeter will welcome you upon arrival and explain the schedule as well as a building-wide scavenger hunt. Visitors can spend time finding the amphibian exhibits, programs, and extras then return their hunt for a prize.

One of the most popular Frogs on the 4’s additions is our Tadpole Table. At this temporary exhibit, we take a look at the amazing life cycle of a frog then recreate a pond complete with all the stages that everyone can take home with them. And last but not least, our costumed character, Froggie the Fabulous, will make appearances to delight visitors throughout the day.

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