Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Albino Alligator Countdown

As you may have heard, the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher has a new treasure in its collection. A female albino alligator, currently in Aquarium quarantine, awaits completion of her new home in the Cape Fear Conservatory. Aquarium staff has been working hard to create the exhibit that will house this rare jewel.

This week, the in-house design team has been working to complete the observation deck where visitors will be able to admire the alligator. On Wednesday, April 25, concrete foundations for the deck were poured, and on Thursday, April 26, the wooden posts for the framing of the deck are being inserted. The next step will be to set in the glass viewing panel in April.

The Albino Alligator will be on exhibit May 29th, so make plans to see our breath-taking new animal!
Photo: 3D artist rendering of new albino alligator exhibit created by Exhibits Technician Chad Goodson

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