Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Take Tree Time during Take a Child Outside Week

The week of September 24-30 is Take a Child Outside Week, which is designed to break down barriers that are keeping children from discovering the environment. The week was created by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in an effort to get children outdoors. The museum created activities that are simple ways for parents, teachers, and other caregivers to go outside with a child.

According to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science, “The goal of the week is to help children across the country develop a better understanding and appreciation of the environment in which they live, and a burgeoning enthusiasm for its exploration”.

Going outside not only helps connect children with nature, it also helps them focus in school and lets some of that built up energy out. Here is one activity to get you started with your outdoor play date.

Let loose, and instead of singing “rain, rain, go away” indoors; go outside an embrace the watery fun!

Rainy Days

Best age range: all ages
Location: anywhere, but a natural area such as backyard or park is the best
Best time: anytime it is raining (but not during a thunderstorm and/or lightening)
Season: any
Special materials: raingear, if you want to stay dry
What to do: Dress to stay comfortable but keep your hands free— no umbrellas today! Peek into puddles; listen for bird and frog calls. Discover how many kinds of raindrops you can see. Find a plant with rain dripping from the tips of its leaves. Try to find out where animals go when it is raining.
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Stay tuned for more interactive outdoor activities throughout the week!

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