Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lending a Helping Hand to Nature one Movie at a Time

Have you been searching for an easy way to help protect the environment? Thanks to Disneynature your search has ended! Disneynature is launching an innovative effort to raise money to help protect coral reefs with their new movie Oceans. After the success of their campaign last year that involved one tree being planted for every ticket sold to the movie Earth, Disneynature decided it was time to focus on life under the sea. Disneynature has teamed up with The Nature Conservatory for “See Oceans, Save Oceans,” in which for every ticket sold on opening week to the new movie Oceans, Disneynature will donate a portion of the price to help establish new marine protected areas in the Bahamas in an effort to preserve coral reefs. Oceans is set to hit theaters on April 22, Earth Day!

Oceans delves deep into life underneath the sea by giving viewers an up close look at the oceans most notorious sea creatures, as well as countless animals that have yet to be discovered. The movie follows ocean inhabitants including sharks, swordfish, manta rays, and giant squids. The movie dives into the deepest parts of the ocean, starting at the top with the blue of the sky and ending where the darkest of night couldn’t compare.

Go watch Oceans and help save our aquatic treasures of the world!

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