Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Her Toes in the Sand and Camera by Her Side

Kristen Edgell’s photography can put the hardened of hearts at ease. Her work, which is being exhibited in the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher’s Spadefish Gallery, is full of peace and tranquility captured through the eyes of the a beach lover. Her photographs portray the heart and soul of the Wilmington waters in her “Coastal Carolinas” collection.

Edgell, a newcomer to the Wilmington area, has long been a fan of many mediums of art, yet it was videography and oil painting that she eventually fell for. It wasn’t until she moved to the coastal environment that her passion for photography blossomed.

Edgell states, “My best teacher in any medium of art has been practice. After moving to Wilmington my interest in photography was ignited by the beauty of the beaches and coasts that were so close to me.”

Photography became the entryway for Edgell to pursue her passion for film. She started Diamond Cut Productions, focusing on wedding videography.

Edgell says, “The company strives to create a meaningful and artistic living scrapbook for our clients, and although it is mainly a video based business, her photography still inspires all her work.”

The Spadefish Gallery at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher showcases local artists throughout the year. Artwork that coincides with the Aquarium’s mission of “Inspiring Appreciation and Conservation of North Carolina’s Aquatic Environment” is located on the second floor, near the auditorium.

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