Monday, November 29, 2010

That’s a Wrap: Green Style

This holiday season the presents are flowing and the gift wrapping days are near, this year instead of using regular wrapping paper, try these new green ideas!

~ For a shiny look to your gifts try using recycled aluminum foil. Recycled aluminum foil gives your gift a nice green touch, yet still leaves your gift wrapping looking sleek and beautiful. To add an extra flare, tie hemp or recycled yarn around the package!

~Reusable gift bags or shopping bags are an excellent gift wrapping alternative that helps save the environment and you time! Reusable bags can be found at any store and are generally cheaper than wrapping paper. Reusable bags have also become extra stylish, you can now find bags in all different shapes and colors, try finding a bag in the shape of a present!

~One unconventional and modern way to wrap your gifts that not only makes you look awesome, but also helps protect the environment is using old city or topographical maps. Maps are large enough to use as wrapping paper and add extra pizzazz to your gift. Your friends will love this new age and environmentally friendly way to wrap your presents.

~If you plan to top your presents with a beautiful bow this year, try instead a compact florescent light bulb. Give the gift of a reduced carbon footprint and a lower electric bill by tying in a sustainable light bulb!

~Another way to top your gifts without using a bow is to use Mother Nature’s little presents, such as feathers, autumn colored leaves, or shells. Make your holiday gift stand out by placing a natural item on the outside as a present garnish!

~Instead of wrapping your present, use a present to enclose your gifts! Use a mixing bowl or mixer as a gift container to fill with cookbooks and kitchen utensils. Fill a locally painted flower pot with seeds and gardening tools for your friend who loves to garden. Stuff a hiking backpack with items such as reusable water bottles and socks for your family members that love the great outdoors!

~Newspaper may get a bad reputation as being cheap, but this year change the way people look at newspaper wrapping paper by adding images from magazines, comics, your favorite children’s book, or antique books. Not only will this wrapping paper be a friend to the environment, it is sure to get rave reviews from your family and friends!

~If you decide to use wrapping paper, make sure to recycle the paper afterwards at your local recycling center. Make sure to remove the tape from the paper before recycling and check to see if the center accepts wrapping paper.

This holiday put a smile on your friends and family’s faces as well as Mother Nature’s face by using alternative ways to wrap your gifts!

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