Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tips to Combat Air Pollution

In an era of complete dependence on fossil fuels it comes as little surprise that one of the greatest environmental concerns facing society today is that of air pollution. While it may appear to be a concern only in major cities around the country, the problem also exists here at home. A study recently published on listed Charlotte, NC as the tenth smoggiest city in the United States with residents citing asthma, headaches, and a host of other health related problems.
While the dangerous and potentially disastrous effects of global warming seem almost a cliché amongst environmental conversation, there are small steps families can take to reduce their environmental footprint. For example, doing errands in bulk will spare a busy family constant trips and costly gas. Accelerating gradually and using cruise control on the highway are helpful tactics to getting more mileage out of your gas. Properly inflated tires and clean air filters may also save an individual’s air quality and fuel costs.
Fortunately, it does appear that the world is waking up to the very real danger posed by the use of fossil fuels. Ongoing developments and continued research are at the forefront of strategic plans for automobile companies and political administrations alike. Small steps on an individual level, however, are also important. Such measures can save our lungs as well as our wallets.

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