Monday, June 18, 2012

Wildlife Rescuers Summer Camp: Salt Marsh

Training is under way for the Wildlife Rescuers at the Aquarium Summer Camp today.

Campers enjoyed a hike to the nearby salt marsh where they investigated animal life and learned how to protect it.

In their own words, campers explain what they learned about protecting wildlife in and around the area:

"Don't litter and when you see someone litter don't fuss with them just pick it up." - Mikhail
"Never litter, reuse paper and always recycle." - Jenna
"How to make paper out of recycled tissue paper and discarded paper." - Nate
"Recycling paper and plastic keeps it out of the ocean." - Jackson
"You shouldn't litter, pick up trash if you see some and recycle." - Scarlett

Shrimp in the salt marsh.

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