Friday, June 13, 2008

Think Outside the Bottle

Is bottled water safer to drink than tap water? Some say bottled water is no safer, better, cleaner, or healthier than tap water. Here are some reasons to break that bottled water habit.

1. It’s expensive.
2. Two million plastic beverage bottles are used in the US every five minutes, often piling up in landfills, discharging chemicals into the environment.
3. The making of plastic bottles uses non-renewable energy and emits toxic chemicals.
4. Transportation of bottled water releases carbon dioxide into the air and diminishes any efforts for global climate change.

So what do we do? Purchase tap water or refrigerator water filters, then refill a reusable aluminum water bottle. And, if you must buy plastic, recycle it!

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  1. Bottled water corporations are changing the way we think about water. These corporations use powerful, widespread advertising to undermine our municipal water systems. This pervasive marketing has contributed convincing people that tap water is not safe and today one in five Americans drinks only bottled water.
    In fact, bottled water is much less regulated than tap water. Over 60% of bottled water is sold without undergoing testing by FDA, while municipal tap water is tested hundreds of times per month by both state and federal agencies.
    Turning water into a commodity threatens health, the environment and the democratic system. This is why we are encouraging people to Think Outside the Bottle. To learn more about our campaign to stop corporate control of water visit


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