Monday, June 2, 2008

World Ocean Day - June 8

Ocean covers 75% of Earth’s surface. This immense body of saltwater fills five basins known as the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and Antarctic oceans. Seventy percent of all available oxygen – the air we breathe – comes from oceanic phytoplankton. Without Ocean, life on Earth would not exist. World Ocean Day began in 1992 and continues to grow as an annual opportunity to highlight the incomparable and invaluable role of the Ocean in the existence of life on Earth. In 2007, President Bush declared June World Ocean Month, in this spirit the N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher will kick off the celebration on Sunday, June 8.

Aquarium visitors can learn about the Ocean every day. Starting June 8 and continuing throughout the month, special programs emphasize how the Ocean affects us, and how we affect the Ocean. At the end of each public program, three times daily, visitors can sign a pledge committing them to make a difference; by conserving energy; consuming consciously; communicating Ocean information; challenging themselves to walk and carpool; connecting in the community through volunteerism; and finally by celebrating the Ocean! Visitors can also sign the pledge while creating Ocean crafts in Aquarium classrooms. Don’t miss the Seven Seas Pledge Dance created by Aquarium educators. In addition, visitors can view winning regional works of art submitted for Coastal America’s Ocean Literacy Art Contest. Each artist, ranging from kindergarten through undergraduate level, submitted work illustrating one of seven essential principles of Ocean Literacy.

Learn about thanking the Ocean at; commit to protecting the Ocean at; find Coastal Ecosystem Learning Centers around the country at

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