Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aquarist Receives Certification

The NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher’s Aquarist Brian Germick recently received certification in Avian Husbandry from the Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park and Eco-Center in Scotland Neck, NC. Germick takes care of the wood ducks and bob white quail within the Aquarium’s conservatory. Introducing birds to the conservatory helps recreate the sights and sounds of a Carolina forest within a space already alive with waterfall, streams, trees, ferns and other plants. The Aquariums plans to add other bird species to the area soon, including a cardinal that came to us from the NZ Zoo.

Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park and Eco-Center is dedicated to educating people about the importance of conservation and research focusing on waterfowl and wetland habitats.

Through its captive breeding programs, the Breeding Center has made significant contributions to the survival and expansion of many threatened species. With more than 2,500 birds and 170 species, the Breeding Center is home to the largest captive waterfowl population in North America. Pioneering work conducted at the Breeding Center includes Magellanic Steamer Ducks, African and Indian Pygmy Geese, White Backed Ducks and many other species.

*Photo caption: Mike Lubbock presents a certificate to Brian Germick.

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