Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sustainable Hotel Key Cards

Regardless of your political affiliation...this is a cool story. Over 70,000 biodegradable key cards are being used in Denver hotels for the Democratic National Convention, reinforcing the “green” convention theme and reducing waste.

Sustainable Cards, producer of the United States' first wood hotel key card, has partnered with their manufacturer, CPI Card Group, to donate the biodegradable cards in a ground-breaking effort to reduce the negative environmental impact created by traditional plastic key cards.

The sustainable cards are decorated with the Denver 2008 Host Committee logo and made from sustainably harvested wood, making them a coveted souvenir of the event. The cards will serve to reinforce efforts to make this year's Convention the most eco-friendly ever.

*Photo courtesy of Sustainable Cards LLC


  1. Fabulous seems hotel key cards industry has finally decided to reduce the negative impacts in order to save planet....


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