Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don’t Feed that Alligator!

Summer is fast approaching and with the warm weather arriving, so are alligators! When the temperature rises, so does the likelihood of seeing an alligator in an area near people, such as lakes and apartment complexes. Although they may be fun to gaze at from a distance, feeding them is a dangerously different story.

Feeding alligators can cause them to relate humans as food. When alligators are fed by humans they lose their fear of them, which can lead them to possibly attack. They become accustomed to people giving them food, causing them to believe that every human has food.

Hap Fatzinger, NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher’s Curator says “Don’t do it, it’s against the law. Problems arise when animals, such as alligators become conditioned or associate humans with food.”

One way to safely view alligators is to visit the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Husbandry and design teams are working to complete the next portion of the newest exhibit featuring our rare albino alligator. They have recently started working on the observation deck where visitors will be able to safely view the pure white beauty up close.
*Photo was taken at NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher

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