Monday, April 20, 2009

You see the Movie, they Plant a Tree!

In association with Earth Week, Walt Disney Company has promised to plant a tree for every ticket sold to its new movie “Earth” on its opening week. The movie premieres nationwide on April 22, Earth Day.

Disney’s goal for the environmental promotion is to ensure that trees are planted in areas that conservationists have identified as important places for biodiversity. One major area Disney plans to plant the trees is the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. This rain forest is considered the most endangered in the world.

“Earth” is a breathtaking new documentary created by BBC that tells the story of three animal families and their voyages across our planet. The movie follows polar bears in the arctic, elephants in the Kalahari, and a humpback whale, throughout all four seasons. The movie, which follows in the wake of the phenomenal Planet Earth series, is an effort to awaken people’s eyes to the changes happening around the world.

So take this amazing opportunity to enjoy Earth Week, a movie, and help save our environment by going to see “Earth”.
To view a preview of "Earth" visit

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