Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Luna!

Luna, the albino alligator has been at the Aquarium for a year! On Saturday, May 29, sign her birthday card and watch a public feeding at 3 pm (if she’s hungry!). Educators will be on hand to answer questions about her feeding and to offer public programs about albino animals.

Luna’s Growth & Progress
2/10/09 Arrived at the Aquarium
2/25/09 Physical done by NC State University vet school. Weight was 19.5 pounds and length was 5 feet.
6/5/09 Weighed in at 27 pounds
6/22/09 Vet visit “Has been steadily increasing weight, is feisty and is conditioning well to feeding pole”
9/23/09 Eye exam completed, checking for potential issues associated with albinism
5/1/10 Weight was 38 pounds and length was 5.5 feet

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