Monday, May 17, 2010

Reap the Benefits from Recycling

Countless companies offer recycling programs to help get the community involved. Harris Teeter has crafted an innovative recycling program that engages people to recycle more frequently. The Together in Education program is a recycling program that also gives back to the community. Harris Teeter is committed to recycling and helping conserve landfill space, energy, and natural resources. Their partnership with Engaged Recycling is an effort to continue their commitment to recycling, as well as assist our future leaders through their Together in Education program. The program focuses on recycling electronics. When people recycle their electronics through the Together in Education link on the website then they are allowed to choose a school to donate funds to, and the rest of the funds will be placed on a Harris Teeter gift card that will be yours to keep! So instead of trashing your old cell phone, laptop, MPS player, or other electronic device, take part in the Harris Teeter Together in Education program and reap the benefits of your good deeds!

To recycle your electronics at the Together in Education website visit: https:

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