Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Moment to Share

For Linda Kuharcik making art has been a lifelong journey. Since she was a child, Linda has always had the urge to draw and a love for art. Her devotion to the craft is now on display in the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher’s Spadefish Gallery, and will be featured until November.

Linda’s work is mainly representational and showcases various forms of media. Her work features illustrations of buildings and scenes, as well as animals. Her adoration of nature is shown through her photography, which captures wildlife and the environment in its most rare state.

Linda says, “There is beauty everywhere. Photography, as in art captures the feeling of that one moment in time that I experienced, through photography I can share that wonder with someone else.”

Linda believes art is more than photography because she can alter a photograph to match her personal perception. She has recently delved into combined media, where she mixes photography, watercolor, and tissue paper. This process, she says, has allowed her to be freer in the creative process. Linda also uses glass in her art and loves the feeling it brings to the finished product.

Linda says, “I feel great joy when creating something out of what appears to some to be nothing. That’s art.”

The Spadefish Gallery at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher showcases local artists throughout the year. Artwork that coincides with the Aquarium’s mission of “Inspiring Appreciation and Conservation of North Carolina’s Aquatic Environment” is located on the second floor, near the auditorium. Artwork is available for purchase by contacting the artist.

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