Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Conserving Coral

Coral reefs are one of the many beauties of the Earth, yet they have been drastically depleted over the years in order to create coral based jewelry and home d├ęcor. Coral, which provides homes for fishes as well as provides medicinal compounds that are lifesaving, are fighting to remain healthy and plentiful. A long-term survival campaign has been created by a group of scientists, jewelers, and ocean conservationists who are dedicated to protecting coral. SeaWeb, an ocean-conservation group has created “Too Precious to Wear”, a campaign theme devoted to decreasing the coral trade. Environmental advocate and filmmaker Celine Cousteau places her focus and voice on promoting the benefits of conserving these precious animals. Jewelers such as, Temple St. Clair and Michael Kowalski abide by a “no coral” policy when it comes to their jewelry making. Scientists are working to find ways for coral to thrive and grow with global climate change and our growing ecological footprint. All of these people are fighting to save coral because our oceans are so valuable and we must help sustain the web of life that occurs within it.

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