Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love is in Bloom

Love is in the Air........

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and time is ticking away to purchase a gift for that special someone. Candy, jewelry, and cards are always a safe option, but this year, think outside the box. Sending a bouquet of flowers every Valentine’s Day gets stale. Flowers are quite the gesture, but there are other options than spending an absorbent amount of money for flowers that will just die in a few days. Bet you didn’t know that “when you inhale the sweet smell of a store-bought flower, you are also inhaling up to 127 different types of chemicals used on commercially-grown flowers, many of which are banned in the United States” according to the Organic Consumers Association.

Consider an alternative approach to show your sweetie how much you care by purchasing flowers that you both can plant together. Nothing says “I love you” like something that will live on long past Valentine’s Day! If you’re really industrious you can start these flowers from seeds yourself. Otherwise, consider purchasing bulbs or flowers from your local nursery or farmer’s market. Like the flowers, your love will blossom and continually grow through the seasons.
(Image: Victor Love Flowers)

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