Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recycle & Reuse Unwanted clothes

Spring is slowly starting to make a presence, as is the time for spring cleaning. Beyond scrubbing the house from top to bottom what can you do about all those unwanted clothes that seem to have acquired permanent residence in your overstuffed closet and drawers? Recycle them! It may seem a little strange, but you recycle cans, newspapers, water bottles, and now clothing has become another item.

Do your part to be green and consider a few of these options:

A) Host a clothing swap- Invite your friends over, and ask that everyone brings items in good condition that they no longer want or have grown out of, by the end of the evening, you and all of your friends will have new items to add to your evolving wardrobe. Leftover items can be donated to a specific charity.

B) Consignment shops: Earn extra money to purchase some of spring’s latest fashions by taking unwanted clothing to local consignment shops in your town.

C) Textile art: If it seems you can’t part with that blouse because it has such a fantastic pattern or color, but the blouse has parted with you, there are a few options. Cut the sleeves off and take the body portion of the blouse to make a pillow. Visit a local craft store to purchase embellishments such as fringe, lace, ribbon, to enhance your newest home d├ęcor. If you have several pieces that you cannot part with, consider cutting patches of the clothing to make a blanket, or quilt. This is perfect for moms and or grand moms who want to save their children/grandchildren’s clothing through the years but simply do not have the space for the budding size change. Think creatively!

D) Consider the item: There are several items in your closet that can find a new home with some simple internet research. There are a variety of programs across the country that takes items to be reused or reshaped in another way. Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe takes older sneakers in any condition then uses the rubber from the soles to make athletic playground surfaces such as interlocking gym floor tile and track surfaces.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection agency, “Reusing items or making them with less material decreases waste dramatically. Ultimately, fewer materials will need to be recycled, combusted for energy, or landfills.” So while sorting through your large collection of clothing, consider the options. You never know what items can have a new creative twist in your wardrobe collection.
Image from kitchenmagic.com

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