Friday, January 30, 2009

Ever wonder where all that waste vegetable oil goes that restaurants use?

Countless restaurants simply dispose of their used vegetable oil, but Independent Energy, a local company that is committed to a cleaner local environment and a greener, more efficient local economy, is trying to turn that wasted vegetable oil into something much more useful.

Independent Energy collects recycled waste vegetable oil from local restaurants and uses it to produce Biofuels, such as INDeFUEL. INDeFUEL is an alternative fuel that burns cleaner and cost less than petroleum diesel, making it an environmentally friendly and cost effective source of fuel for local communities. INDeFUEL can be used in two diverse ways. Individuals with converted diesel vehicles can use it, or it can be used to produce biodiesel.

Several restaurants around the Wilmington area have become a part of Independent Energies waste vegetable oil recycling program. Businesses include Firebowl Asian Cuisine, Cubbies, Islands Fresh Mex Grill, Deluxe, Catch, and China One. Several businesses in the Outer Banks have also become a part of the program.

Benefits of becoming a restaurant that has Independent Energy collect your waste vegetable oil are extremely worthwhile. They will pay you to collect your waste oil, promote you as a Green Business on their website, online, local print ads, and local promotions, as well as provide you with clean recycled collection bins. One awesome part of the program is that they donate a portion of the profits to a local charity every quarter.

Supporting local businesses and communities is an excellent way to create an environmentally friendly area. Independent Energy has taken a considerable step to make our area a greener location.

To become a greener business visit Independent Energy’s website at

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