Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Cold - Turn DOWN the Thermostat?

There’s an age-old argument about which way to manage your home thermostat is best. Should you keep the same temperature throughout the day, or turn the thermostat down (or up in the summer) when you leave in the morning and back up when you return home?

Believe it or not, turning the thermostat down when you leave in the morning and back up in the afternoon uses less energy and, therefore, saves you money.

Studies have shown that the fuel required to reheat a home to a comfortable temperature is roughly equal to fuel saved as the home drops to the lower temperature. Also, fuel is saved between the time that the temperature stabilizes at the lower level and the next time heat is needed. In other words, the longer your house remains at the lower temperature, the more nergy you save.

By turning your thermostat back for eight hours by just 10-15 degrees, could save you five to 15 percent a year on heating bills. There is about a one percent savings for each degree setback during an eight-hour period.

It is recommended that while you are home; set the thermostat at 68° during the colder months and 78° during the warmer months.

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