Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Save the Planet One Meal at a Time

Making wise choices about the foods and beverages you purchase and consume can help save the planet! For the average person, the food and beverages they consume are the single largest determining factor of their overall ecological footprint. The good news is that instead of spending a fortune buying a Prius, you can reduce your ecological footprint on the cheap! Here are five easy ways to reduce your footprint using smart food and beverage consumption decisions.

1. Buy local food and drink- Fossil fuels used to transport food and drinks to the local grocery store is a major part of their carbon footprint. Purchasing foods that are grown locally largely diminishes the amount of fossil fuels used. Shopping at farmer’s markets is an excellent way to buy locally, or look for the local options at grocery stores.

2. Avoid wasteful packaging- Production of food and beverage packaging requires energy and is wasteful. Eager to enjoy the purchase, consumers quickly throw away the not so eco-friendly packaging. To avoid this waste, buy in bulk or purchase minimally-packaged products.

3. Buy plants, not meat and animal products- Buying plants instead of animal products is important since animal products are resource intensive. Meats require a great deal of amount of water, food, and fossil fuels to produce. Furthermore, the factories that host these animals create waste runoff that is detrimental to the environment.

4. Buy minimally-processed foods- Excess amounts of energy and resources are required to produce highly-processed foods, and offer little nutrients. Raw plants are the most ecologically sensitive foods you can buy and consume.

5. Grow your own- The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to grow your own food. Gardening is not only fun and convenient; it is also an excellent way to save the Earth!

These tips are easy ways to help sweep away your ecological footprint, as well as improve your own health. Start changing the way you look at food and beverages to help save the planet!
-Information from growgood.com and picture from ladiesblend.com

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