Monday, June 8, 2009

Seas the Day: Taking Ocean Conservation Personally

Commit to making a real difference by taking the Seven C’s pledge to Protect our Ocean. The seven C’s pledge was created by The Ocean Project, and focuses on teaching people about ocean conservation. The pledge asks people to have an ecological consciousness for the benefit of future life.

The Seven C’s are:
1. Commit to making a real difference
2. Conserve in my home
3. Consume consciously
4. Communicate my interest and concerns
5. Challenge myself daily
6. Connect in my community
7. Celebrate our Ocean

The term “Seven Seas” has always been used to describe all of the Earth’s oceans, when in actuality there is only one world ocean. “Seven seas” is commonly used to describe the act of people traveling all over the world, and people that have navigated through all of the seas. The Ocean Project decided to use the term as a play on words to show how each of us can make daily decisions in our lives for the benefit of our planet’ s future.

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