Thursday, June 11, 2009

Underwater Paradise in Peril

Reef is a photographic book by Scubazoo that leads the reader on a journey through the highly sensitive and threatened ecosystems of coral reefs. Coral reefs are home to thousands of fish, as well as algae, sponges, and mollusks. Photos of coral reefs are displayed in ways that have rarely been seen by humans. Reefs from around the globe are featured, including Southeast Asia, the Red Sea, and Hawaii. Quotes and captions throughout the book give background information about the plants and animals that live in this amazing world of its own. Pictures depict the life cycle of coral reefs, and the countless creatures that depend on their success for survival. The book tells how our coral reefs are being destroyed and the importance of saving this magnificent underwater world.

The Aquarium at Fort Fisher has also taken efforts to help reflourish these fascinating ecosystems. Aquarist Mike Suchy has created an extraordinary project: a coral propagation and holding system behind Aquarium walls. By snipping fragments of existing coral, mounting it on small disks, and submerging it under water with a light source, Suchy has begun to “grow” coral. Although the coral grows slowly, maybe only an inch a year, and can be challenging at times, Suchy’s hard work will allow the Aquarium to use less wild stock in the exhibits.

Suchy’s project and the book Reef are excellent examples of people trying to protect our underwater gardens. Help save these marine paradises by reading Reef or learning more about the Aquarium’s coral project.

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