Monday, June 29, 2009

Young adults are the key to success!

Findings from America, the Ocean, and Climate Change: New Research Insights for Conservation, Awareness, and Action showed that young people ages 12-17 know and care more about the ocean and environmental issues, and are more willing to act than adults. It has long been thought that young adults were less concerned with the environment’s status, but these results prove that they in fact are an essential target audience to focus on. If given the right tools and guidance young people are the key needed to start an environmental revolution. Their concern will spark the interest of adults and inspire and motivate them to do their part to save our oceans.

A surprising result from the survey: Americans believe that their individual actions can have a positive effect on protecting the environment and improving the health of the ocean. Individuals believe they can help, but are unsure of what to do. They simply need direction on how they can put these thoughts into action. Environmental education is an excellent source for people to become informed on how to get involved. The Aquarium at Fort Fisher holds free programs daily which focus on environmental issues, animals and their habitats and how actions affect wildlife. With these efforts and the environmental revolution upon us, our oceans and environment can rest easy knowing we are going to save them!

* Information from The Ocean Project and picture from

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