Monday, October 12, 2009

A Day with Nature

For Take a Child Outside Week, the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher branched out to the community. Renee Weeks, special activities coordinator, participated in a day full of outdoor activities when she visited the Sampson County Cooperative Extension for the Home Runners 4-H Club. The group, which is recognized as the 4-H group of the year in Sampson County, had their day filled with interactive activities that focused on the environment.

One of the activities that the children completed was called “listen and feel”. The activity involved the children going outside and closing their eyes to listen to the sounds of nature. They also retrieved items from the environment to touch and feel the texture. The activity is used to help children become more in tune with nature.

Another activity the children completed was a bug juice demonstration. The children got to watch Renee create the bug juice, which was a mixture of molasses and bananas. Then each child dipped a paint brush into the creation and lathered a tree with the mixture. The children were extremely excited that they were feeding bugs in the environment.

After completing all the exciting activities the kids learned about pollution and why they should recycle. The outdoor fun day turned out to be great success!

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