Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Go Green for Halloween

Black and orange may be the designated colors for Halloween, but adding a little green to the mix can go a long way. Make this Halloween a treat to Mother Nature by following these easy tips to have a green Halloween.

1. Trick-or-treat with a reusable bag- Cloth or canvas bags are a much better alternative to plastic bags. Pillowcases are also a great way to tote your candy the environmental way. Americans use more than 380 million plastic bags every year, which hurts the environment as well as animals that may digest them.

2. Make do-it-yourself costumes- Making costumes from old clothes or other items you have around will help cut costs on Halloween expenses, as well as make use of old items lying around. After Halloween, you can trade your costume with other people or donate the clothing to a thrift store.

3. Give environmental friendly treats- In an effort to reduce waste, buy candy that uses less or no packaging. Buying candy locally is another excellent option to handing out eco-friendly treats. Buying locally helps support the local economy, as well as reduces the amount of fossil fuels used to transport the candy.

4. Walk instead of drive- This tip is a simple way to reduce your ecological footprint. Instead of driving to diverse neighborhoods, stick close to home and walk.

5. Compost your pumpkins- After carving and decorating your Halloween pumpkin, instead of throwing it away, try creating a compost and putting it in there. Composting is a wonderful way to create soil for your garden.

6. Finally, keep it going after Halloween! Becoming environmental friendly is a lifestyle change that requires work all year long. Taking these techniques and applying them to daily life is an excellent way to make every day a green day!

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