Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Animal Keepers Summer Camp: Animal Care

This week, summer campers enjoy the rare opportunity to feed, clean and care for some of the Aquarium's 2,000+ animals. They are helping prepare food, cleaning exhibits and creating animal enrichment all while learning about the animals they care for.

In their own words, campers describe their favorite animal to care for and why.

"Black Sea Bass because I checked salt levels in their tank." -Quinn
"The fish because I fed them." -Blake
"I liked feeding the shipwreck (Blockade Runner Exhibit) because we got close." -Helena
"I helped the sandbar sharks by making salt." -Lilly
"I cared for a black sea bass because we tested (its) water." -Jaden
"Sandbar sharks because we helped them be shipped." -Dylan
"The huge grouper because he was enormous and he snapped his food up quickly and we saw his teeth." -Lily
"Every fish because we tested PH (levels)." -Hunter
"My favorite animal that I cared for was the shrimp because I got to clean its tank to keep ammonia out." -Kelly
"Horseshoe crabs because I helped clean that tank." -Lauren
"My favorite animal that I cared for was the ladyfish because I was able to take care of the water." -Katie
"The turtle, because he enjoyed it and we got to chop up fish." -Christopher

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