Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Animal Keepers Summer Camp: Favorite Animals

Summer campers learn what it takes to be an Aquarium animal keeper during this week's session with activities like animal feeding, tank cleaning, water changing and food preparation.

Campers are granted a chance to get up-close and personal with many of the animals in the Aquarium's care.  In their own words, campers describe their favorite animal they cared for this week.

"The jelly fish because they had to be cared for in a way I didn't know." -Madison
"Today, we cared for jelly fish. I thought it was interesting how they move without a brain!" -Anna
"I cared for the invertebrates [and] cleaned their tanks." -Parker
"I liked the porcupine fish the best because he's really cute and playful. I got to feed him!" -India
"The porcupine fish [was my favorite] because they didn't eat as much and they were more patient." -Sara
"I liked caring for the puffer fish because I like them." -Kassi

One of the campers' favorites, a porcupine fish.

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