Friday, July 20, 2012

Animal Keepers Summer Camp: I Learned...

Animal Keepers summer campers continue to learn what it takes to care for many of the animals at the Aquarium.

From changing water to making carbon, these campers are experiencing all sorts of hands-on animal care that shows them just a little of how hard our aquarists work everyday.

In their own words campers describe something they learned this week.

"I changed water in a Q-15. [Which was] for a sea star." -Quinn
"I made carbon." -Blake
"My favorite animals were the salt marsh fish like mullets and lookdowns because I got to check the PH and saline [levels]."-Kelly
"We didn't care for a particular fish, but changed water for a whole tank." -Christopher
"We made carbon for the moon jellies. I liked it because we were helping." -Helena
"Today we tested salinity and PH [levels]." -Lilly

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