Monday, July 2, 2012

Extreme Animals Summer Camp: Favorite Animals

This week's summer camp session is all about extreme animals. Campers learn who can swim the fastest, jump the farthest and climb the highest in the animal kingdom.

The campers describe their favorite extreme animal encounter from today in their own words:

"I liked the unexpected encounter with the rat snake." - Devann
"A penguin because they are Antarctic animals and they are so pretty and careful with their families." - Lauren
"My favorite extreme animal from today was the eel because they look cool and seem cool." - Lara
"My favorite extreme animal we talked about today was the penguin because of the environment that they live in." - Kelly
"My favorite extreme animal was polar bears because they are cute and they have a lot to do in life." - Avery
"A sea turtle because I think it's cool that they live in water but they are reptiles and breathe air." - Abigail

A green sea turtle.

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