Friday, June 25, 2010

Beach Day for Ocean Explorers!

Week One, Day 4: Thursday, June 24

Trey: Today I learned about turtle tracks and the shark tank is 22 feet deep and the life cycle of a jellyfish.

Ben: I liked the beach because it was fun. I learned how to do the stingray shuffle.

John: I learned what the inside of a leatherback’s mouth looks like and learned about sea turtle tracks.

Alex: Today I learned how to make sea turtle tracks. I also learned that turtles have very small brains. The shark tank is 22 feet deep and I fooled a lifeguard. We made our own sea turtle tracks and mine were so good that when a lifeguard came by, he thought a real turtle had come on the beach!

Ashley: Today is Thursday…at camp when we entered the door, the first thing we did was run back out to the beach. My favorite part was going behind the scenes to see the sharks. I liked going to see the sharks because I liked to see all the differences between the sharks. I learned that when a puffer tries to get the enemy away it nearly has a heart attack.

Carmen: Today we went to the beach again and we learned all about sea turtles and how they lay their babies. My favorite part was going behind the scenes and learning that the puffer fish can puff its body to be as long as a beach ball, a large beach ball.

Lauren: I learned that the shark tank is 22 feet deep. I learned the different kinds of turtle tracks. I learned that flounder can change colors of the colors of the water color. I learned about the loggerhead turtle.

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