Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wilson and Sharks!

Summer campers had a busy day on the beach and behind the scenes. And they met a fellow named Wilson...

Week 2, Day 2

Tanner: Today we did many fun things. A few things we did is saw Wilson, went behind the scenes and went to the beach. My favorite thing we did today is go to the beach.

Chase: Today I went behind the scenes. That was fun. The sharks are cool. Wilson the duck is awesome.

Mills: My favorite thing I did today was going to see the sharks in quarantine. Because I like sharks. I learned that there is a wood duck named Wilson.

Garrett: My favorite is going behind the scenes. I learned that there are 133 fish in the shark tank. It was cool.

Powell: My favorite thing we did today was we got to go behind the scenes. It was my favorite because there was tons of fish we got to see. We also got to find out how the aquarium takes care of its animals.

Alex: I enjoyed going behind the scenes. I learned a lot and got a lot of questions answered.

Kathalene: Behind the scenes because I saw a baby sea horse.

Matthew: Behind the scenes – It was really cool being above the shark tank. I learned that some animals need special care to live.

Abby: My favorite part of the day was when we were behind the scenes and we got to see a giant porcupine fish. I just think they’re soooo cool.

Max: Today was so much fun because we went behind the scenes. I learned that a duck can live 10 years. It rocked!

Claire: My favorite part was seeing Wilson. I learned that when he is molting he loses his feathers. It was awesome.

Kaylee: Today, we went “behind the scenes”. We learned about jellyfish, seahorses and more. But my favorite was the puffer fish. We learned that for a puffer fish puffing up is painful. Like you had a heart attack.

Victoria: I liked behind the scenes because we saw fish, sharks and seahorses. We also saw baby quails. I learned that it is very hard to grow coral. I also liked it when Wilson visited.

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