Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Camp is HERE!

Summer camp is in full swing at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. For the next eight weeks, 10-12 year old campers in Ocean Explorers will blog about their week and what they have learned. Enjoy!

Week 1, Day 1:Monday, June 21

Ashley: Today was the first day of camp!! We searched all over the Aquarium and saw all these different fish and horseshoe crabs. We went to the Rocky Outcrop and looked in between the rocks for different animals. We got back and made origami horseshoe crabs. We watched a frog life cycle and packed up. Today was a good start.

Carmen: I had a great day for the first day of camp. We took a tour to the Rocky Outcrop. Me and Alex and Ashley were in the same group. For lunch, I had chicken. There was macaroni and cheese too but I know I could not have cheese after that. We did some crafts and then we played some games. We played ice breakers. That was my day.

Trey: Today we went to the Rocky Outcrop and hermit crabs were in the rocks.

Lauren: It was awesome. We took a tour around the Aquarium. We went to Rocky Outcrop.

John: Today my class and I took a tour around the Aquarium.

Alex: It was good and I had fun. We made origami.

Ben: I liked the Rocky Outcrop and the popsicles.

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