Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ocean Explorers Beach It!

Week One, Day 3: Wednesday, June 23

Lauren: We went to the ocean and went diving under the waves. And we rode the waves. I learned that sharks have six senses.

Trey: Today we went to the beach and body surfed and learned the stingray shuffle.

Ben: I liked the beach because it was fun. I learned how to do the stingray shuffle.

John: I learned that frog’s eyes help them swallow. I liked making the necklace because I really like making necklaces.

Ashley: My favorite part about camp was going in the ocean. The waves were BIG! But the waves went off and on turning BIG to small. The ocean was my favorite part because I got to strengthen my friendship with people at camp and because it was really fun!! I learned that stingrays and jellyfish aren’t bad animals. And sharks have 3 different ways of live birth.

Alex: Today we went to the beach. I found a piece of sea glass. We got a new body board. It was better than the black one. We played games. Boys won with 5100 points. Did you k now that horseshoe crabs have 10 eyes? I also liked so much. Today was great.

Carmen: Today I liked going to the beach. I like learning the stingray shuffle so they will leave you alone. I also liked hitting the waves with my back. The best thing was my body surfing. It was great. I loved learning about the bracelet. It was great we had beads to put on them. It was tricky at first but then it was easy. I had a great day.

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