Friday, June 25, 2010

Last Day :(

Week One, Day 5: June 25

Lauren: I loved going to the beach. My favorite thing I learned was how to go under waves. Jenny, Stephanie and Jeff are awesome!

Trey: Today we went to the salt marsh and camp was so much fun! I’m coming back next year.

John: My favorite thing about camp was canoeing because I like canoeing and kayaking and stuff like that.

Ben: I liked aquarium camp and I would recommend someone else coming!

Alex: Camp was great! The week flew by. I know that I will have a good time next time I come – from Rocky Outcrop to crabbing. The beach was one of my favorites. We made cool bracelets! If we did not have one of our leaders (Jeff, Stephanie and Jenny) it would not be as much fun. I loved every snack they gave us. Behind the scenes was awesome. We also touched moon jellies. It was cool. Camp at Fort Fisher Aquarium was great!

Carmen: I had a great day at camp even though it was the last day. We went to the salt marsh even though we did not catch crabs, but we caught a lot of fish. Some were big and some were small. After that we came back and changed. I was really thirsty. After that we went to the awesome dive show, then went to freshwater behind the scenes. I love camp! You should go because you have so much fun even when you’re learning. You have so many adventures. You will love it!

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