Monday, June 28, 2010

Ocean Explorers - Round 2

The second week of summer camp is underway and the Ocean Explorers had a fascinating day!

Week Two, Day 1

Matthew: My name is Matthew. Today I learned about jellyfish. It was really cool and my favorite part of the day.

Tanner: My favorite activity was going crabbing. It was fun even we only caught shrimp and shrimp. We even saw a snake! It was very fun and exciting to crab. I have always enjoyed crabbing and it was just as fun this time.

Garrett: May favorite is the moon jelly. I learned you can’t feel some of them when they sting.

Kathalene: My name is Kathalene. I learned that a teenage is called a froglet.

Victoria: I learned that moon jellies can sting but you can’t feel it.

Abby: My favorite thing I learned today was that the leatherback sea turtles have long, sharp looking taste buds. I think it’s cool since us humans have small, flat like taste buds.

Chase: I learned that octopus have beaks. They can fit through anything their beaks can. That’s like I could fit through my nose.

Kaylee: Today I learned about a lot of things but my favorite had to be the sea anemone. When you touch one since they are cousins to jellyfish they try to sting you, you just can’t feel it.

Claire: Dear Journal, The favorite thing I learned today was that a horseshoe crab’s gills are under its body along with its mouth and legs. I thought that was so cool because the gills felt so weird. It was cool!

Mills: The favorite thing I learned today is that moon jellyfish can’t sting you. Because I no longer have to be nervous around them.

Max: My favorite thing that I learned about today is about jellyfish and I got to touch a moon jelly.

Powell: My favorite thing that I saw today was jellyfish. They live in smacks. They are clear.

Alex: My favorite thing is about the jellyfish. I learned that a group of jellyfish is called a smack.

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