Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ocean Explorers Paddle Away!

Week One, Day 2: Tuesday, June 22

Ben: I liked going canoeing.

Alex: Today we went canoeing and touched reptiles. We got a great snack. It was animal crackers and rice crispy treat. Today was good.

John: Today we went canoeing to an island. When we got back I stepped in mud and sunk knee deep in mud.

Lauren: We went canoeing and I had a lot of fun. We played some games. I had a blast. We went swimming. We watched a movie about the ocean. Our snack was a M&M rice crispy treat and teddy grahams.

Trey: Today we went canoeing to Zeke’s Island and looked for animals.

Carmen: Today was the 2nd day of camp. We had the day mostly of canoeing then we got to another little island. We got a place to swim and it was great even though there were sting rays, I still liked. After that we went back and went to lunch which was spaghetti and meatballs. After that we went back to the class and played some games. After that we made t-shirts with fish we could paint.

Ashley: Today when we got to camp the first thing we did was go canoeing!! We had to drive to Zeke’s Island. So when we got there the water was warm so I wasn’t afraid to tip over. I got in the canoe and I got to sit in the front!! I paddled and paddled till we got there and we saw and catched fish. I got cut by a oyster and we got to the camp, watched a video, got to see a snake, alligator and turtle. Ok, I’m done now.

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