Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All About Amphibians!

Today was all about amphibians!

Week 2, Day 3

Kaylee: Today we learned about amphibian life cycles. And I’m going to tell you of my favorite one. And it was the frog because it’s so simple, but the eggs are gooey for protection.

Claire: My favorite part of the amphibian cycle is that amphibians can live in water and on land because I wish I could that. It was amazing!

Kathalene: Newts are amphibians.

Garrett: I like that we get to see the salamander. I learned that they are amphibians.

Powell: My favorite thing we learned today was that amphibians live in water and out of water. Also amphibians breathe through their skin.

Alex: I did get to see Luna, the albino alligator. I did not meet her for the first time. I also saw the diver and learned about them and the fish.

Victoria: I learned that most salamanders have four toes but one is called a two toed amphiuma salamander. It is grayish black and very cool.

Abby: Today I learned that you can see the arms and legs of a tadpole on the inside. That was my favorite part I learned today.

Mills: The best thing I learned about amphibians was that they breathe through their skin and lungs.

Tanner: Today we went for a walk to get samples of water. We learned about amphibian life cycles. My favorite thing that I learned was about a froglet. I like this part best because I think this stage looks neat.

Max: Today we went to the dive show and we learned a lot about different fish in the tank, then we did a craft. Today was very fun!

Matthew: I learned that frogs can breathe through their skin too! I wish I could be a frog. It would be cool.

Chase: I learned frogs can breathe through their skin. I saw Southern toads. I named them Steve and Joe.

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