Tuesday, June 1, 2010

From Boards to Beauty

One artist’s hunt for the perfect surfboard led to the creation of unique works of art now on display at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Raffaele Paglia’s artwork, which showcases the deep bond between surfers and the environment, will be on display in the Spadefish Gallery from June to September.
The mixed media art brings a whole new meaning to hidden treasures. The artwork, which was created from used and weathered skim boards and surfboards, now hosts mesmerizing patterns that Paglia painted, such as loggerhead sea turtles. On display will be three painted skim boards, one surfboard, and a kneeboard. There will also be numerous paintings, and a 2 dimensional wall piece of a Carolina Moon, Paglia’s signature piece.

After moving to Carolina Beach three years ago, Paglia decided he wanted to learn how to surf. After searching for the perfect artwork on a board, Paglia wanted to create his own designs. After spending a great deal of his professional career in the fashion industry as a designer/illustrator, he was confident that this task would be an adventure. While delving into research about surfboards, Paglia found himself immersed in the history of Carolina Beach. He has created several large works of art incorporating the towns’ history that have been on display throughout Carolina Beach.

The Spadefish Gallery at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher showcases local artists throughout the year. Artwork that coincides with the Aquarium’s mission of “Inspiring Appreciation and Conservation of North Carolina’s Aquatic Environment” is located on the second floor, near the auditorium.

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