Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Camper Chronicles Week 7 / Day 4

On Day four of Animal Keepers camp the kids learned how to take care of aquatic animals. Here is what they had to say.

Shelby, “My favorite part of this week was cleaning out the tanks in quarantine.”

Andrew, “Taking care of the aquatic animals was the best part. “

Remy, “Rem’s here. My most favorite, neatest, and most interesting part was holding a mud snake and feeding sea turtles and seahorses. I enjoyed it all! It was so fun!”

Hannah, “Hello, I’m Hannah. My favorite part of the week would be going to the beach because it was so fun and you got to make sandcastles. “

Haley, “In my opinion the neatest thing was being able to clean out the cages in quarantine because we got to touch the salamanders and frogs. Even though it was messy, it was awesome.”

Alex, “Cleaning the tanks was my favorite part because I got to see the animals.”

Mady, “The best part of being a keeper is that you get to interact with a lot of animals.”

Jacob, “My favorite part about being a keeper at keeper camp is following Aquarist around and watching and helping them. I moved crabs, fed frogs, lizards, and newts. I saw baby fish, and fed turtles and fish. The only problem was when I went home my hands smelt like fish! I got to go to the staff only areas. This camp was awesome!”

Gabrielle, “My favorite part was feeding the horseshoe crab and learning and watching what the Aquarist do after they catch a shark. It was awesome!”

Kristin, “My favorite part was with Melissa when we got to pet the baby horseshoe crab. That was so neat!”

Quentin, “The best part of being a keeper this week was feeding the sturgeon fish.”

Conner, “I liked just being with the animals all the time. Every animal was really fun!”

Sarah, “I held a mud snake, it kept trying to hide and the tail kept wrapping around my wrist. I also fed baby sea horses and the sea turtles and jellyfish.”

Kirstyn, “I got to hold a mud snake. It didn’t feel real. It was so cool. I loved going behind the scenes. I also loved feeding all the animals. This camp has been so cool.”

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