Monday, August 17, 2009

Camper Chronicles Week 8 / Day 5

The last day of Aquarium summer camp was a sad day for the campers and the staff. The summer was filled with awesome activities and stellar campers. Thank you to all the campers that made Camper Chronicles possible and those that have followed Camper Chronicles, stay tuned for next year when the fun returns!
Chyanne, “My favorite part was feeding and taking care of the animals, but my most favorite was learning about them.”

Cameron, “My favorite part was feeding dead rats to the snakes.”

Alana, “My favorite part of camp was canoeing out to Zeke’s Island, swimming in the swimming holes, and hanging out with my friends.”

Eason, “My favorite part of camp this week was going canoeing because we got to swim in the little hole and our canoe got their first.”

Morgan, “My favorite thing about this week was being able to feed all of the animals and learning what they like to eat.”

Abby, “My favorite part of the week was making all of these new friends.”

Kirra, “My favorite thing about camp this week was going to Zeke’s Island in canoes. We got to swim in the water.”

Harris, “I liked seeing giant clams and touching the animals.”

Ashley, “My favorite thing this week was feeding and taking care of the animals.”

Kylee, “My favorite part of this week was going crabbing and feeding the animals.”

Rob, “My favorite thing I did this week was feeding the animals.”

Hannah, “I loved feeding all the animals. My favorite was the frogs!”

Preston, “My favorite thing about camp this week was getting to shadow the Aquarist and getting to see what they do daily.”

Sarah, “My favorite thing about being at camp this week was seeing everything behind the scenes, feeding the baby seahorses, and learning about dolphins.”

George, “My favorite thing was playing with my friends.”

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