Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Camper Chronicles Week 8 / Day 1

Camper Chronicles is coming to an end since this week is the last week of summer camp at the Aquarium. On the first day of camp the campers spent the day at the salt marsh, as well as learned the beginning steps to becoming an Aquarist. Here is what they had to say.

Ashley, “Today I learned that you have to wash my hands before and after you handle your animals.”

Abby, “Animal keeping is a very serious job. It is also very fun. Here at the Aquarium there are many animals to take care of. The workers here are doing a great job.”

Hannah, “I learned that it takes a lot more than just feeding the animals. It takes time and dedication. You also need to care about the animals.”

Harris, “When you design a habitat for an animal it has to switch its properties. Also it has to have enough food for all of the animals in it.”

Kylee, “I learned that turtles need vegetables, fruit, and worms, and that the males are mean when they eat.”

Alana, “I learned that being an animal keeper it is important to never feed the animals too much, or too little. It’s also important to know what type of food to feed them.”

Kirra, “Today we learned about being an animal keeper. We went to the salt marsh and learned how to crab fish.

Chyanne, “I learned that they keep the newly caught fish in quarantine for one month to help it get used to captivation. Also the shark won’t eat for two weeks while getting used to captivation.”

Sarah, “Today I learned that Aquarists have to wash their hands every time they touch a snake, even if they are getting ready to touch snakes of the same kind.”

Preston, “I learned that being an animal keeper takes a lot of work, but in the end, it all pays off.”

Cameron, “You need to lock up even the smallest animals or they will escape. I also learned if you’re aggressive to an animal it will be aggressive back. “

Morgan, “Today I learned what to feed seahorses and how much they should be fed. “

Avery, “Aquarist have to wash their hands because they don’t want to pass germs to another animal.”

George, “It doesn’t take much food to feed a fish, especially the small ones.”

Eason, “I learned that if you put two male box turtles beside each other they will get ugly.”

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