Monday, August 17, 2009

Camper Chronicles Week 8 / Day 4

On the fourth day of Animal Keeper summer camp the kids helped feed the Aquarium animals. The campers also learned about the life cycle of several animals that call the Aquarium home. Here is what they had to say.

Ashley, “Today I learned that they feed frozen mice to their snakes!”

Cameron, “I learned that snake’s food has to be dry.”

Kylee, “I learned the life cycle of a jellyfish, and I learned about animal training.”

Abby, “Today I learned that giant clams feel really mushy. I had a great time.”

Alana, “Today I learned that seahorses enjoy eating shrimp, and that when giant clams try to close up their skin goes all bumpy!”

Harris, “Shark teeth get black faster in the ocean than in captivity. I also learned that female stingrays are bigger than males.”

Chyanne, “I learned that giant clams are very squishy and bubbly.”

Kirra, “Today I learned about alligators and how they train them!! One thing to go to train them is have them touch a target.”

Eason, “I learned that the shorter jellyfish tentacles are, the less they hurt.”

Morgan, “Today I learned what box turtles eat. They like carrots, grapes, tomatoes, and lots of other vegetables.”

Hannah, “Box turtles are really sweet and shy!”

Preston, “I learned that clams are very, very squishy. I thought they were rough and hard.”

Rob, “What I learned today was that box turtles are stubborn.”

George, “Box turtles are stubborn and also love to eat.”

Sarah, “Today I learned that snakes eat their prey head first.”

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